A lousy fit drains confidence and self-esteem out of you.

Anything you wear must be elegantly fit and look like it just was made for you – was it for anyone else, it wouldn’t have done justice. 

But the problem that most of the time gets in our way is to find out if our favorite brand offers the alteration service. 

What if the shirt you ordered came to a couple of inches smaller, or it’s just that you wanna fill your wardrobe with your personalized or custom style? 

We deeply explored it to see if Macy offers alteration services. 

The response that we came up with is quite flexible. It’s a YES, but it doesn’t stand true in every case. 

Macy’s expanded to 700+ stores and offers the service at most stations and welcomes its consumers to come on board to have their outfits altered. 

But again, there are stores where it doesn’t endorse alterations. So, there’s no black and white; instead, it falls somewhere in the gray area. 

So, we recommend our audience to better reach out to the local store and confirm if it offers the alteration service or not.

If it does, go for it. If not, try to search for some other store in your area. 

Once you’re very clear on the fact that either it alters or not, the next thing to proceed further is to find out how the process actually works.

Like, will you record your measurements and edit your order online, or do you personally have to visit the store?

Ask it out, but in most cases, it’s that you got to see the store. 

Book a date and once it’s done, just pick it up. 

As far as the price is concerned, yes, there’s a price to pay.

The rates differ for a simple roll down of a hem and alterations all over the dress. 

Both tasks vary a great deal in terms of the time it takes to get them done.

So, one that’ll take more time will be charged more and the same goes the other way around. 

In a nutshell, if we had to come up with the gist of the questions, we’d definitely endorse that Macy does offer alteration services at its stores. 

But, this service ain’t available at all stores. So, you better contact them before directly jumping into the pool. 

Does Macy’s do alterations on Dresses? 

It certainly does, but the service ain’t practiced at all the Macy’s stores. The brand is so vast that it casts an umbrella over 700+ stores. 

All you got to do if your nearby store offers this service is to record your measurements on your own or let the brand handle it.

You’ll be assigned a date to pick your dress up and wait until it’s done. 

The process is smooth! You come in, you’re served and there you go! 

Does Macy’s do alterations on men’s suits? 

Not really! It might as well be counted as a YES!

Let us present a situation so you’re on your own to extract a statement from it or assess if it falls under the alteration service. 

When you buy any suit, a “True Fit” feature is added for you where you’re supposed to plug in your body type, height, age, and stuff like that.

Based on 17000+ stores, True Fit recommends the size of your body type and does the job quite well. 

The reviews we later sifted through supplement the claim True Fit held upfront. 

Does Macy’s do dress alterations? 

As discussed earlier, all Macy’s stores do not offer the service. You’re supposed to research on your end to determine which one does. 

Like with the suits, you’ve access to a True Fit feature where you can have it predict your size based on the data it’s fed over the years.

You seldom need an alteration in this case.

Does Macy’s do Free Alterations? 

Skimming through the reviews or the comments people had left for Macy, we came across the statement that went, 

“There’s nothing free at Macy.” 

This looks like it is fueled by anger, and Macy must have fallen short of his expectations. 

As supposed, there’s absolutely a price that you got to pay. Nothing comes for free. 

You’re burdening the staff at Macy’s and compensating for the work they’ll put in – they’ll charge you money.

We don’t, by the way, find anything wrong with it. 

The prices vary a great deal.

Of course, the price would be the same if two parties want to sew their hem a bit higher than it was; it’ll cost both of them the same. 

But if the nature of work varies, the same goes for the price. 

Sort it out before you ask for an alteration at Macy’s. 


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