One of the most important raw materials used in the textile industry, yarn, is a significant commodity that is greatly sought after by many in the market.

They are used for sewing, crocheting, weaving, knitting, and ropemaking- and have many more uses in textiles.

We’ve dedicated this article to informing you of the best wholesale yarn suppliers in the United Kingdom.

This article is relevant to you if you run a clothing business or any business related to the textile industry.

After all, buying and selling yarn is a good investment with lucrative returns.

We hope you find it informative!

Wool Wholesale Limited

Wool Wholesale is one of the best yarn-selling wholesalers, with a Google review of five stars.

Based in Nelson, England, Wool Wholesale is best known for its branded wool and yarns.

They sell products from brands like James C. Brett, Premier Value, Robin, and Caron.

Wool Wholesale is commended for its amiable customer service and efficient delivery.

They compete with the high prices of the market and still come up with excellent, efficient service and minimum order quantity.

One of their yarn products, “Robin Bonny Babe,” a four-ply 100g yarn, costs £1.04. It is a hundred percent acrylic.

Visit their website for more information:

Knoll Yarns Ltd

Knolls Yarns Limited was established in 1978 in a Yorkshire town in Ilkley.

They pride themselves on being a key supplier of pure new wool yarn and stock-supported lambswool.

Their exports diverge globally, and they have a network of agents in Canada, China, Australia, Japan, and other European countries.

Their yarn is colored and stocked in the UK, and they are dedicated to selling the highest quality material.

They also resell yarn from various brands like Contessa, Noble, Merino, Supersoft, and Shetland.

Their yarn product “Noble” is made from 95% extra fine lambswool and 5% cashmere! Customers usually love their collection!

To check out their diverse collections, head over to their website:

Cygnet Yarns Ltd

Cygnet Yarns is a customer favorite!

According to one review, their yarns are fabulous to work with!

Cygnet Yarns sell vibrant yarn colors, and their materials are excellent for crocheting and knitting.

Formed in 2004, it’s a relatively new company that has been working its best at competing in the market and producing the best quality yarn.

They have a diverse collection of yarns divided into three main categories: Aran, Chunky yarns, and Super Chunky.

Cygnet Yarns also work on delivering the best customer service!

To become a stock buyer from Cygnet, you’ll have to sign their contract, and they’ll guide you accordingly.

For products and pricing, visit their catalog at

SageZander Ltd

Sage Zander has also scored five stars on Google reviews.

Located in Cheshire, Congleton, Sage Zander claims that they specialize in finding solutions in the manufacturing industry for a variety of man-made materials.

They have stocks of man-made fiber yarns and have a diverse range of supply possibilities.

Their services extend all over Uk and Europe.

Sage Zander sells a wide range of yarn products, including Carbon Fibre yarns, Filati, Kureha Carbon, Low Melt yarns, PVDF, Kevlar Yarn, and Water Soluble yarns.

If you’re looking for range and diversity, Sage Zander is the place you want to go to!

Check out their website for their impressive collections:

Woolly Wholesale

A family-run business, Woolly Wholesale is dedicated to providing service to those customers who do not qualify for an account with original manufacturers.

These customers might be charity knitters, professional crafters, or simply businesses that were not able to qualify for whatever reasons.

Woolly Wholesale provides the best quality yarn and has no minimum order quantity.

They aim to keep their prices as competitive as possible.

One of their yarn products is a beautiful and comfortable acrylic yarn called “Snowball DK,” which only costs £1.00!

Another one of their products, “Woolcraft,” is a four-ply cone weighing 400g. It costs £4.88.

For more products and pricing, head over to their website:

Knitwell Wools U.K. Ltd

Knitwell Wools are greatly loved among their customers!

Many commend them for their outstanding services and amiable prices on high-quality brands.

Knitwell Wools is a family venture that has been in business for more than seventy years.

Based in Bradford, England, Knitwell Wools have been selling hand knitting wools and many other textile products all over the UK.

Their large selection of yarns includes; Sirdar, King Cole, Wendy and Groves, and Hayfield.

One of their best-selling yarn products, “Jarol Heritage,” which weighs 100g, costs £3.49.

Another one of their Jarol Heritage in the color Burgundy costs the same amount. They’re pretty reasonable for the quality they provide!

Check out their website here:


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