Yarn is one of, if not the most, consumed material in the world.

From your blankets and cardigans to sweaters and shawls, it is everywhere.

It comes in different textures, colors, weights, and fibers. And then, there is also the quality aspect because there are all kinds of yarns, high-end as well as cheap.

You have to take care of some technicalities while purchasing yarn, and we understand that not everyone is aware of them.

So if you are planning to go on a hunt for good quality yarn, then we suggest reading this article till the end.

Not only will you learn new things about yarn and yarn products, but you will also get familiar with the best wholesale retailers of yarn in Los Angeles.

1. Mexican Yarns Factory

With an experience of over 40 years in the retail yarn market, Mexican Yarns Factory will indeed offer you good value for money.

Specialized yarns and threads of top quality are their main selling products.

Their wide range of yarns consists of thick caliber yarn, thin yarn, thick gauge, and fine gauge yarn in beautiful, charming colors.

The company aims to facilitate the yarn and weaving industry through its exceptional collections.

Their factory is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and the latest machines to produce only the best products without compromising quality.

Check out their website: Estambres Italia

2. Gather DTLA

Located in downtown LA, Gather DTLA specializes in supplying materials for knitting, crochet, and spinning.

All the products are locally manufactured, following the highest standards and eco-friendly methods.

Gather offers a wide range of yarns such as super bulky, original cotton, fine yarn, etc.

Not only do they sell yarns of different colors and sizes, but also especially curated yarn kits for beginner enthusiasts.

Moreover, various knitting and crochet tools are also available for sale at affordable wholesale rates.

Check out their website: Gather DTLA – Gather DTLA.

3. The Little Knittery

The Little Knittery is your cozy, neighborhood yarn store which hosts everything you may need for your knitting project.

Their intricately designed and beautifully curated yarn collection boasts some of the highest quality yarn with the softest fibers.

All the products are locally manufactured, and the raw materials are sourced through ethical and sustainable means.

You can also expect great customer service when purchasing from The Little Knittery.

They make sure to please their customers by pricing the items at affordable rates and practicing fair trade.

Check out their website: The Little Knittery — Knitting, crochet, weaving store in Los Angeles.

4. Wildfiber Studios

Wildfiber Studios is a one-stop store for all kinds of yarns, tools, patterns, etc.

The store’s wide range of yarns includes everything from luxury yarns to natural fibers in the latest and trendy designs.

They have a large variety of sock yarn and cool knits for babies designed to be softer and gentle.

Hand-dyed yarn is also one of their specialty, among many other items offered at competitive prices.

You can visit their store located in Westside to see the full range of products and also avail their free knitting and crochet classes.

Check out their website: Wildfiber Studio Fiber and Craft.

5. The Knitting Tree

A selection of fine yarns curated by Los Angeles-based designers is up for sale at The Knitting Tree.

The store prides itself on its collection of frost yarn. Vibrant and unique, frost yarn has all the potential to take the markets by storm.

The collection is heavily inspired by cosmos and earthly wonders, which is evident from its cool neon colors.

Moreover, yarns of various fibers such as cotton, acrylic, cashmere, cotton, linen, nylon, etc., are also available for sale at their store.

They have a 14-day return policy and ship orders both locally and internationally.

Check out their website: The Knitting Tree, LA – The Knitting Tree, L.A.

6. Trendsetter Yarns

Established in 1998, Trendsetter Yarns has successfully built a reputation for its fresh patterns and creative designs.

They are one of the largest distributors of Cardiff Cashmere, Lana Grossa, and Rooster Yarns in the U.S.

They also have a wide variety of hand-dyed yarn, and a new addition to their collection is undyed yarn.

The items are perfect for year-round wearability because of their gentle look and feel.

The company is powered by some extremely passionate individuals who work hard to deliver on their promise of exceptional services.

Check out their website: Trendsetter Yarns.


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