Is it possible to make money in the swimwear industry? Without a doubt, the answer is yes.

If you want to establish a swimwear business, now is the greatest time to do so.

This post will introduce you to wholesale swimsuit vendors and suppliers, and we hope you will find it useful.

1. Nihaostyles

Nihaostyles is a wholesaler and bulk swimwear supplier based in Yiwu, China.

It has eight years of expertise in designing, making, and selling women’s swimsuits and transporting them to various nations and areas throughout the world.

This supplier has one-piece swimsuits, bikinis, and plus-size bathing suits.

There are almost 1500 different styles to choose from.

All of Nihao Jewelry’s trendy swimwear is available at wholesale costs, which is roughly $15. If you are a VIP customer, you may be eligible for discounted unit pricing.

Nihaojewelry’s new website, Nihaostyles, was established in 2020 in order to serve clients better.

This is a professional wholesale women’s apparel website with a variety of styles to choose from.

Nihaostyles is a better option if you only require wholesale beachwear.

Although neither website has a minimum order requirement, if you spend more than US$99 at Nihaostyles, the supplier will forgo the delivery price.

Nihaojewelry is one of the most reputable Chinese swimwear wholesalers. The company specializes in trendy jewelry, but it also offers over 1000 swimwear styles.

You will receive a response to any of your queries from our customer care team, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Nihaojewelry not only sells swimwear and bikinis for women, but they also provide swimwear for children and men.

Go to the website and select the appropriate category. Then, when you buy swimwear from Nihaojewelry, you can expect not only high quality but also low costs.

Contact info:

[email protected]
+86 159 5810 5548 (Español)
+86 137 7789 7486 (English)

2. Sammy dress

Sammy Dress is a well-known online wholesale swimsuit retailer with a focus on fashion. It is well-known for carrying the most up-to-date trends.

If your company caters to high-end clients, Sammy’s dress is a good option. They can supply any order amount within 5-12 days.

Contact info:

Customer Support chat:

3. DHgate

DHgate is one of the most popular wholesale marketplaces online.

DHgate sources their swimwear straight from the producers, allowing them to sell it at a discount.

Any quantity can be ordered, and it will be delivered within 24 hours. They provide your company with the most convenient and cost-effective all-in-one solution.

Contact info:

+90 212 296 4569 (Mon-Fri 9am to 6pm Turkey Time)

Email:[email protected] (Mon-Fri 9 am to 6 pm Turkey Time)
[email protected] (Mon-Fri 9 am to 6 pm Beijing Time)

4. Chinabrands

This is the largest internet retailer, with a wide range of products. It is the only supplier that has taken the risk of establishing a minimum order quantity for its customers who have limited capital.

Chinabrands has a large selection of swimsuits, all of which are available at wholesale costs.

Chinabrands will provide you with everything you are looking for.

Contact info:

Head Office
13 Floor, No. 2 Yongxin Building,
No.4078 Dongbin Road,
Nanshan District
Shenzhen, Guangdong

Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]

5. Global Sources

One of the most important sources of online merchandise is Global Sources. This covers a wide range of items. This implies they don’t simply sell swimwear and swim accessories but also have a lot more to offer.

There are tons of suppliers supplying hundreds of products on their site, including bikini manufacturers and wholesale beachwear suppliers.

Contact info:

Tel: (852)8121-2000
Email: [email protected]
Tel: (852)2814-5580
Fax: (852)2580-7988
Email: [email protected]

6. Girlmerry

Girlmerry is a supplier of women’s clothing based in Guangdong, China. They’ve been selling women’s clothing since 2009, offering a wide range of the most fashionable swimwear, dresses, yoga wear, and other items.

There are over 4000 swimsuit styles available in sizes ranging from S to XL. They also sell plus size.

On this website, you may also find straw bags, beach slippers, beach towels, and other beach-related goods. Distribution is available all around the world.

Contact info:

[email protected]
[email protected]
+8615102000458 Ping us on WhatsApp
+8618028546210 Ping us on WhatsApp

Work Time: GMT+8:00 8:00-18:00(Monday – Saturday)

7. AliExpress

AliExpress is a Chinese online retail service that is owned by the Alibaba group. It’s one of China’s most reputable websites.

Contact info:


8. Unijoyswimwear

UNIJOY was founded in 2008 as a professional swimwear manufacturer and supplier in China.

The swimsuit collection comprises one-pieces, bikinis, tankinis, and monokinis that are chlorine-resistant and UV-resistant and is suited for newborns, girls, boys, women, and adults.

According to the website’s description, the minimum order quantity is 1000 pieces.

Furthermore, this website offers OEM and ODM services. In addition to that, they also allow you to modify your own developed products by adding customer logos, custom labels, and wash care labels.

Contact info:

Tel: 86-592-8989923
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 86-13666038136
Skype: pearly-pearly

9. CN Bikinis

CN Bikinis is a Chinese firm that aims to bring you the greatest bikinis right to your door. CN bikinis will bring your wonderful and stunning bikini set to you in a short period, no matter where you are.

It is exclusively for swimwear; therefore, you will find a wide range of options. CN bikinis are unquestionably the best choice for all the latest stylish designs.

Contact info:

Send them a message here:

10. Evewholesale

Evewholesale is a high-tech professional supplier in China specializing in a wide range of products such as swimwear, lingerie, and sexy dresses. Every year, they sell almost 2 million goods.

Products can be shipped to a variety of countries. When you order from, all of your items are professionally packaged so that your anonymity is always protected.

Contact info:

Address: Donghai Street Houpu Road Quanzhou China
Zip Code: 362100.
City: Quanzhou city.
Country: Fujian Province, China.
Work Day: Monday – Saturday (GMT+8:00 AM8:00-18:00PM)

Manager Jack

Email: [email protected]
Whatsapp/Wechat: +86 18350796683

Why Buy Swimwear in Bulk?

Many people have taken up swimming as a result of increased knowledge of the fitness business.

However, regardless of whether you’re a competitive swimmer or just getting ready for the summer, the initial kit should always include a beach body and fashionable and trendy swimwear.

According to studies, global swimwear markets have been growing since 2010.

This trend is predicted to continue in the near future. In 2018, the global swimwear market was worth $18.9 billion. By 2025, the market is estimated to grow by $29.1 billion.

In China, there are a plethora of swimwear factories and manufacturers where you can buy high-quality swimwear at wholesale prices.

So if you want to establish a swimsuit business, wholesale swimwear China is an excellent place to start.

Tips on How to Sell Swimwear Online

Understand the various marketplaces

You can sell your things online through a variety of e-commerce platforms. Nihaojewelry, Alibaba, eBay, Aliexpress, and many others are among them.

Aside from that, you can reach out to your target market via social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. This is a fantastic method to convert socializing into a profitable endeavor. As a result, you must also understand your target audience.

Always be on the lookout for the latest fashion trends

Having the most up-to-date and attractive swimwear is the most effective approach to boost your sales. A fashionista will always want to be the first in town to wear a new item. This means that your inventory needs to be updated so that customers are eager to buy.

Take Breathtaking Pictures of Swimwear 

Taking high-resolution images of the swimsuit is beneficial. This is due to the fact that they make drab prints look attractive.

On the other hand, dimly lit images are sometimes unpleasant and can cause people to overlook them, even if they are of good quality.

Make accurate and detailed descriptions

A short product description is the single most effective way to turn buyers away from wonderful swimwear. It puts potential purchasers in an unpleasant situation when they have to interact with sellers. Hazy descriptions turn potential buyers off.

Pricing that is appropriate

If you want to draw clients to your swimwear, the ultimate key is to use clever pricing. In addition, you should devote time to market research since it can help your company remain competitive and relevant in the marketplace.


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