Paris is the hub of fashion trends in the world. They have fashion shows, outlets, and many affluent and exquisite designers. Jewelry is also a must accessory within the circles of the fashion industry, thus jewelry holds great importance in Paris.

There are many wholesale jewelry vendors in Paris, and to make your search easier: this article contains a few of the best ones below! Go through them and make your decision easier!

List Of Wholesale Jewelry Vendors In Paris:

  • Selimmouzannar
  • Baunat
  • Une Ligne Paris
  • CCV Fantasy
  • Titlee

1. Selimmouzannar

Selimmouzannar’s concept is the fusion of modern jewelry designs with the olden traditional ones. The owner has immense experience by traveling his life circling many countries such as Belgium, Saudia Arabia, and multiple Asian ones.

Selim Mouzannar founded this company after completing his studies in Minerology in Belgium. After a long struggle of workshops: In 1993, he finally opened his first shop in Beirut, his hometown.

The business quickly gained attention due to its remarkable technique and high-quality products. It has expanded to many countries throughout its growth including Paris. You can check out their brilliant designs on their website!

Contact Info:

Phone: +33 (0)-153-238800

Email: [email protected]


Address: 8 Avenue George V, 75008, Paris, France.

2. Baunat

Baunat was established in 2008 as a Belgium-based diamond jewelry seller. The business started its journey intending to manufacture and distribute high-end luxurious jewelry products to people. Currently, they have over 15 showrooms all over the world. 

Their shop in Paris is located on the most famous luxury shopping street. They offer an exclusive shopping experience due to their highly applauded customer service which deals with clients individually and solves their issues swiftly.

Baunat also consists of some of the best supplies of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, anklets, and watches. They have jewelry available at wholesale prices and high-end diamond-based jewelry too! You can pick your kind of jewelry supply from here as there is quite a variety.

Contact Info:

Phone: 0033145533841

Email: [email protected]


Address: 1 Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, 75008 Paris, France.

3. Une Ligne Paris

Une Ligne Paris is the essence of the Parisian style of jewelry as its inspiration stems from the concept of the beautiful Parisian woman who represents freedom, eloquence, and charm.

The company has established itself as an ideal fashion jewelry vendor in Paris. They have a physical store which is located at the 72 Rue Vieille Du Temple.

Une Ligne Paris’s jewelry is made of a metal setting, which is either plated with gold, silver, or rose gold. The jewelry is then decorated with Swarovski crystals or any time of stone. You can visit their website to see their vast collection of breathtaking jewelry.

Contact Info:

Email: [email protected]


Address: 72 Rue Vieille Du Temple, 75003, Paris, France.

4. CCV Fantasy

CCV Fantasy was established in 1974 in Paris as one of the first costume jewelry shops. Their specialty is costume jewelry which is available in a vast range from seasonal necklaces, to Retro style jewelry, jewelry sets, earrings, bracelets, Vintage style jewelry, and brooches.

Their collection is filled with jewelry items dating back to the 1970s-80s-the 90s from French and European manufactories. They also offer jewelry collections at wholesale prices.

The trend of vintage jewelry has struck a light towards CCV’s shop and many customers are excited to visit and select their favorite retro or vintage jewelry. 

Contact Info:

Phone: 01-4271-9955

Email: [email protected]


Address: 6 rue des Vertus, 75003 Paris, Métro Arts et Métiers or Temple.

5. Titlee

Titlee was founded by Séverine Balanqueux in 2009 after witnessing a huge gap in Indian and exotic jewelry supply in France’s jewelry market. She quickly started with her business after returning from South India.

All their jewelry products are manufactured in France and are handcrafted after confirming excellent jewelry designs. All their jewelry designs are inspired by everyday life colors, people, and places.

You can find their jewelry in many types of materials such as golden shade, cut, engraved, colored ones with stones or crystals. They have extremely distinct designs, so do check their styles out and see if they match your business requirements!

Contact Info:

Phone: +33 (0)6 60 78 48 85 / +33(0)1 45 31 11 50

Email: [email protected]


Address: Séverine Balanqueux, 29 rue des Gravilliers, 75003, Paris.

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