Long Island is located outside the suburbs of New York and is a central region for many fun activities. It also is a major tourist area which is why jewelry and souvenirs are in great demand in the region. There are many jewelry vendors in New York that supply to all these adjoining areas, and to make your search easier: the list below contains some of the best ones! This is will guide you towards the best supplier in town for your business!

List Of Wholesale Jewelry Vendors In Long Island, NY:

  • Amore Fine Jewelry
  • New York Stone and Silver Inc.
  • Boyer New York
  • Carissima Bijoux
  • US Jewelry House

1. Amore Fine Jewelry

Amore Fine Jewelry is one of the finest jewelry manufacturers and distributors in New York. Their work is widely known in the fashion industry due to their distinctive designs and concepts.

Their collection consists of many types of bridal and wedding jewelry. This includes exclusive bundle offers for customers looking for a complete package of jewelry. 

Amore Fine jewelry offers an array of necklaces, bracelets, rings, and diamond-based jewelry too! You can visit their website to attain their wholesale offers and discounts for bulk buyers!

Contact Info:

Phone: (844)-772-6673

Website: https://amorefinejewelry.com/

Address: 5768 Route 25A Store J, Wading River, NY 11792.

2. New York Stone and Silver Inc.

New York Stone and Silver Inc, also known as Desire Gem is a must-visit jewelry store in New York. They are recognized as a leading supplier of jewelry products due to their high-quality extensive collection.

Their collection consists of jewelry from rings to earrings, pendants, beaded jewelry, necklace, chains, and a wide range of gemstones. They also have a spotlight category that contains the new arrivals and products below $20-10 dollars!

Desire Gem values innovation and a little twist on the traditional designs in the market. the brand’s company New York Stone and Silver Inc has an excellent design team that makes aesthetically pleasing products that everyone admires!

Contact Info:

Phone: +1 516-252-4810

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://desiregem.com/

Address: 75 Centre St, Woodmere, NY 11598, United States.

3. Boyer New York

Boyer New York is the place to buy all your fine custom jewelry in New York City. Their range of costume jewelry is quite popular as it is manufactured in the United States and stocked by famous boutiques, department stores, and online resellers.

The company has a lovely design director named Lisa Harris who has stunned the market with its striking concepts and really profitable outfits of jewelry collections. You can even contact her personally through their website below.

Boyer New York has a very unique category that is named “one-of-a-kind jewelry”, which features extremely dazzling bracelets, necklaces made of beads, or gemstones. 

Contact Info:

Phone: 212-216-0039 

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.boyerny.com/

Address: 25 Frank Avenue, Farmingdale NY 11735.

4. Carissima Bijoux

For three decades, Carissima Bijoux has been providing modern fashion accessories and jewelry to multiple retail stores and resellers. Their collection consists of moderate to high-end accessories and jewelry available at reasonable rates.

They have mainly two collections, one is contemporary, and the other is forward which is always in the trend of the markets. The first one has jewelry that is tailored to the current global fashion, while the other has traditional and timeless jewelry in stock.

Carissima Bijoux strives to bring cutting-edge products and high-quality jewelry to the market. On top of this, they have an excellent customer service team that is always ready to cater to the customer’s queries.

Contact Info:

Phone: 516 433-3013

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.carissimabijoux.com/

Address: 2417 Jericho Tpke, # 362, New Hyde Park, NY 11040.

5. US Jewelry House

US Jewelry House is a big distributor of high-end jewelry in the United States. Not only are they located in a central location in New York, but their showroom has also won the hearts of many famous designers.

Their store is vast and contains a variety of collections from hair accessories to earrings, necklaces, bracelets, apparel, slippers, and sunglasses.

Us Jewelry House’s website is like entering into accessory heaven with everything to make yourself into a fashionable icon! You can even visit their website and shop by theme, look at arrivals, and access their coupons and discounts!

Contact Info:

Phone: (212)-219-1272 / (646)-661-5671

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.usjewelryhouse.com/

Address: 1239 Broadway, Front #1, New York, NY, 10001, United States.  

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