Wholesale jewelry vendors in Europe are a major source of gems and jewelry for both traditional and modern retailers.

These vendors offer a wide range of quality products at competitive prices, making them an ideal choice for buyers looking to obtain high-quality diamonds, gold, silver, and other precious metals.

European wholesale jewelry vendors offer a variety of product types, including rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Many vendors also carry watches and other accessories.

Finding wholesalers and suppliers to source the most unique and stylish jewelry may be challenging.

Lucky for you, we have listed the top vendors you can find in Europe in this article.

1. Koa Jewellery

Koa is a well-established Welsh handmade jewelry brand based in the UK.

Koa crafts a unique range of thoughtful, ethical, coastal-inspired jewelry that hopes to capture the colors and forms of the coastline.

Koa Jewellery is crafted using 100% recycled tin, making it a brand that relies on maximum sustainability!

Koa is dedicated to establishing strong relationships with independent retailers who obtain high-quality handcrafted jewelry from the UK.

Their Welsh Jewellery is available for wholesale or purchases directly from their own online store.

For more information, head on over to: https://koajewellery.co.uk/

2. Laval

Founded in 1878, the LAVAL family business based in France has been providing expertise and know-how for five generations as a wholesaler.

LAVAL is a distributor of jewelry and watches from leading brands and specialized stores.

They specialize in classical heirloom jewelry, which you would surely want to pass on to your loved ones.

Laval not only offers jewelry but also has a whole catalog of jewelry-making items and kits, which makes its service even more personalized!

Laval is full of jewelry designs that appeal to a wide number of people with different interests, tastes, and preferences.

For more information, check them out at https://www.laval-europe.com/fr/

3. ABK Styl Jewellery

If you are someone who adorns gems matched with silver, ABK STYL is for you.

ABK STYL has been on the market since 1995 and deals with the design and production of silver jewelry with amber.

They provide customers with the most unique and beautiful handmade amber and silver-curated jewelry.

They are certified by the Polish Chamber of Commerce for Amber, which certifies that they use only natural and genuine amber in all their products.

ABK STYL is one of the few suppliers that apply coatings such as gilding or rhodium-plating on request.

With over 3000 designs, their primary goal is to please clients with the highest grade of unique jewelry that is special to them.

With customers from all around Europe, their craftsmanship speaks for itself.

The minimum wholesale order placement of silver amber jewelry with ABK Styl is 500 grams.

Orders are processed pretty fast within three days of placement. This is conditional upon the availability of the ordered products in their warehouse.

Feel free to check them out https://www.abkstyl.pl/pl/

4. Cultured UK ltd

Cultured UK has enjoyed a strong reputation with independent Jewelers as the wholesaler of choice for quality pearl jewelry items at great prices since 2007.

Pearls are obtained from the best resources, ethically.

Whatever color or size you want in your jewelry, Cultured UK will have your fix.

Cultured UK is one of the best places to shop, owing to its great insight into what people want and how to come up with innovative designs for making pearl jewelry.

During wedding season, they offer exclusive discounts and deals to their customers, so be on the lookout for great exclusive deals at great prices!

Cultured UK’s catalog can be viewed online. Visit their website at https://www.pearljewellerywholesale.com/

5. Sentiell Jewelry

Sentiell Jewelry is a wholesaler trading sterling silver jewelry worldwide for the last 20 years.

They specialize in the wholesale of all sorts of jewelry products such as bracelets, earrings, pendants, etc.

Sentiell Jewelry also sells jewelry for kids, young children, teenagers, and adults.

Sentiell Jewelry offers great discounts to entrepreneurs who are just starting out with wholesaling, and this is what makes the brand special.

Currently, they offer their timeless services to more than 1,500 jewelers, both brick and mortar and online retailers, in 20 European countries.

For more information, head over to https://sentiell.com/

6. Artnina Jewelry LTD

ARTNINA.com is a B2B jewelry dealer providing one-stop assistance to international buyers interested in sourcing their products straight from China.

The Wholesale jewelry on ARTNINA.com has three featured jewelry categories: crystal, zircon, and costume jewelry.

Artnina allows you to connect with a broad range of designers who can help you curate custom pieces at a reasonable price.

They are always working to improve their quality and putting new stuff out there for their customers to try on.

As one of the leading suppliers of general wholesale products, the business is dedicated to catering to the needs of all its customers.

Check them out at https://www.artnina.com/.

7. Freya Jewels

As a family tradition and working for over 18 years, Freya Jewelry manufactures handmade, amber-engraved jewelry.

What makes them stand out is the variety of shapes and sizes they offer for amber bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings, and so on.

While the products are manufactured in Lithuania, the distribution is different.

Most of their jewelry and other items are exported to several different countries in North America, Europe, Latin America, Japan, Australia, Africa, Russia, and Asia.

For someone who likes timeless, traditional jewelry, Freya Jewels are the best choice.

Anyone who buys on a regular basis is able to join their Wholesale Program.

In order to be eligible for the program and enjoy this higher level of service along with better prices, simply register an account with them at the Freya Amber Jewelry website: https://amber888.com/

8. Diamond Sky Fashion Jewelry

Diamond Sky is based in Latvia and is devoted to providing the best quality jewelry to its distributors and retailers.

They have a significant chunk of experience under their belt, working since 2012.

However, Diamond Sky requires a minimum wholesale order of £500.

The prices are still cheap enough that everybody can afford them easily, and they also have seasonal sales.

Diamond Sky is involved in curating high-quality jewelry and accessories with Swarovski crystals.

Each diamond sky product is accompanied by a numbered Swarovski Crystal Certificate of Authenticity which makes it authentic.

Check out their catalog: https://diamondsky.lv/


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