Are you looking for wholesale jewelry vendors in Chicago? Look no further! Chicago is home to a bustling fashion industry with a variety of wholesale jewelry vendors offering unique and stylish pieces at affordable prices.

From classic to trendy, there is something for everyone.

In this article, we will explore some of the top wholesale jewelry vendors in Chicago and what they have to offer.

Whether you are starting a new jewelry business or just want to add some new pieces to your collection, these vendors are sure to have what you need.


Jqueen started out as a jewelry manufacturer in 2014, serving merchants with a wide selection of personalized jewelry and gifts, such as rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, watches, and more.

Whether you’re in search of the latest jewelry trends for yourself or the perfect personalized gift, Jqueen can make it for you. They offer top-quality jewelry and designs at an affordable price, which is less than half the cost of their competitors.

Their products are created by professional designers and made with the latest fashion components, ensuring that you stand out from the crowd.

Orders are dispatched within 24 hours, and they offer both fast and cost-effective shipping options. Standard shipment comes with tracking, so you can keep track of your order’s progress.

Contact Info:

Email: [email protected]

TEL: +1-323-892-0858


2. Rose Estate Jewelers

For more than 50 years, Rose Estate Jewelers has been one of Chicago’s top buyers and sellers of fine estate, antique, vintage, and signed jewelry. They take pride in welcoming customers to their family.

Selling your personal jewelry can be an emotional and stressful experience, which is why you need the assistance of a trustworthy jewelry buyer to guide you through the process.

Rose Estate Jewelers is one of the few jewelers that can match their level of expertise and financial resources.

Contact Info:

Address: Five South Wabash, Suite 808, Chicago, IL 60603

Office: (312) 759-1525


3. Rings by Pristine

The founder of Rings by Pristine has a passion for designing nature-inspired wedding bands and creating unique, affordable jewelry for you. Her designs draw inspiration from two sources: nature and jewelry, allowing her to express herself creatively.

For the past five years, she has been following the latest wedding band trends for men and women, and she is excited to share her new designs with you and your significant other to cherish for a lifetime.

With over 35 years of experience in the jewelry industry, she takes pride in offering high-quality (ethically sourced) materials paired with the finest craftsmanship, all at the best possible price.

Some of her favorite finishes include Whiskey Barrel Wood and Sandblasted Antler Gun Metal Grey.

Contact Info:

Email: [email protected]


4. New Dawn Lab

New Dawn diamonds are not only environmentally friendly but they can only be identified in a modern gemology laboratory. These diamonds are cut and polished in the same manner as natural diamonds.

It can take billions of years for a diamond to form deep beneath the earth’s surface, and extracting diamonds from the ground requires a significant amount of energy and resources.

Moreover, this process can release numerous hazardous substances into the environment, further polluting it.

In contrast, New Dawn diamonds are created in a gemology lab, which requires no dangerous mining or excessive energy consumption.

These diamonds require very little energy to produce and do not harm the environment in the same way as traditional diamond mining. Additionally, New Dawn diamonds are socially beneficial compared to conventional diamonds.

Contact Info:

TEL: (312) 763-3974

Address: 68 E Madison St, CHICAGO, IL 60602, United States


5. Golden Bell USA

Golden Bell USA provides the most reasonably priced fashion handbags and jewelry available. They also offer dealer prices to individual customers.

Their products are sold in large quantities to merchants, boutiques, civic clubs, organizations, and individuals who seek personal enjoyment at the same market prices.

Contact Info:

Tel: 773-334-0982

Email: [email protected]



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