New Zealand has a big market for jewelry, and it has declined over the years since 2017. However, due to the abundance of growth and opportunity, many vendors look to connect with jewelry wholesale suppliers and manufacturers that can provide high-quality products.

Jewelry is a vital component of fashion accessories, important holidays, and event events.

Many people rely on jewelry as a gift to others to express their love and present their feelings as a materialized present.

Regardless of the decline, jewelry remains important, thus the list below is to guide retailers towards the best jewelry suppliers in New Zealand.

List Of Wholesale Jewellery Suppliers In New Zealand:

  • Aquarius Design
  • Auckland Beads
  • House Of Bond
  • Stilen
  • Kiwi Craft

1. Aquarius Design

Aquarius Design was founded in 1987 by Robert Greville. He started with a small-scale venture of selling shell jewelry in local and tourist markets based in Kaitaia, New Zealand. 

Eventually, his business gained popularity and he expanded towards opening a large manufacturing facility in Auckland. The shift granted many retailers, shop owners, and jewelry resellers from the region to see their brilliant collection of jewelry in their showroom.

Their team consists of talented individuals that work tirelessly to design distinct products that have value in society, and are also similar to the trends in the current global market.

You can visit their website and see their list of unique jewelry made from materials such as pearls, stones, and Paua.

Contact Info:

Phone: + 64-9827-1039

Email: [email protected]


Address: 31 Veronica Street, New Lynn, Auckland 1024, New Zealand.

2. Auckland Beads

Auckland Beads was established in 1995 as a wholesaler of beautiful beads and jewelry supplies. Their shop is situated on the North Shore in Auckland, New Zealand.

They aim to provide aesthetic supplies to jewelry manufacturers and vendors so they can have an amazing collection in stock.

They have strong global ties with multiple reputable brands and jewelry businesses that allow them to import their supplies abroad. You can be affiliated with them after sending in your business’s verification and details to access their wholesale deals and offers.

Auckland Bead also has a showroom which you can visit and see the products yourself to select a collection that would be fitting to your businesses’ needs.

Contact Info:

Phone: +64-9962-8097

Email: [email protected]


Address: 21 Enterprise Street, Birkenhead 0626, Auckland, New Zealand.

3. House Of Bond

House Of Bond is a masterpiece creation of Sahil Wadhwa, an engineer who left his career in 2014 to launch the new leading jewelry wholesale company in New Zealand. 

Sahil bought House of Bond, a highly reputable business formed in the 1970s by Ian Bond. The philosophy of the business was to sell high-quality jewelry at affordable prices, and Sahil continued that core belief with his management.

House Of Bond has an exquisite inventory full of luxurious diamonds and jewelry that have fascinated clients and customers from all over the globe making it an international sensation in the wholesale jewelry market.

Contact Info:

Phone: +64-9638-9039

Email: [email protected]


Mailing Address: P.O. Box 105000, Auckland 1143

4. Stilen

Northland’s finest manufacturer and distributor of jewelry and accessories: Stilen has grasped the attention of many famous jewelry vendors in the area due to their fine quality of products and excessive diversity in product categories.

Stilen designs jewelry that is nickel, lead, and cadmium to maintain good hygiene and health of customers and increase the durability of the jewelry item.

The company values customers’ demand and guarantees a supply that is gone through a strict quality check and does not rust quickly.

If you are looking for a good jewelry vendor in Northland, then this company certainly does justice to its promises.

Contact Info:

Phone: 06-877-3430

Email: [email protected]


Address: 21 Sands Road, Glenbervie, New Zealand.

5. Kiwi Craft

 Kiwi Craft is the hub for all crafting supplies and jewelry in Auckland, New Zealand. It was founded in 2005 by Carol and Ivan, a couple on their honeymoon who were inspired by Kiwiana culture.

They aim to incorporate Kiwiana motifs into jewelry and sell unique products that express Kiwiana culture and pay respect to their beautiful artistic designs.

Kiwi Craft also features trendy fashion jewelry and is a significant contributor to the breast cancer foundation and local charities that better society and help people.

Contact Info:

Phone: 095802188 

Email: [email protected]


Address: B7, 269A Mt Smart Rd, Penrose, Auckland 1061.

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