Pants are just as important a part of your outfit as tops and shoes.

They are key to how your entire outfit looks. It might not look appealing if a top isn’t paired properly with the pant.

There are different styles of pants that you can choose from according to your liking.

There are chinos, cords, slim-fit, relaxed-fit, cropped pants, cargo pants, and wool trousers. You can choose the style that fits your body the best.

Although the olive green color has long been used in the military to camouflage the landscape, it is now used as a standing-out statement in the fashion industry, too.

Fashion brands continuously launch clothes in this color, which is evident in the color’s timelessness.

Olive green pants look great when worn appropriately and go well with many color tones like white, brown, or black.

Here's What To Wear With Olive Green Pants! (Men)

What Can Men Wear With Olive Green Pants?

The olive green color is cherished as a color that can better add to the pizzazz of an outfit compared to black or brown.

Research also shows that dark shades of green, such as olive green, bear a more relaxing quality than any other color.

Pants that are colored olive green have a confidence-boosting effect.

The color is also associated with feelings like growth, optimism, and elegance.

To find an outfit combination that goes best with your olive green pants, there are a few pre-requisites that you need to know.

There are different styles of pants available in the market today. You need to choose a style depending on the size and shape of your body.

The most popular types of pants common today are:

  • Chinos
  • Cargo
  • Khakis
  • Slacks
  • Joggers
  • Jeans

With any type of olive green pants, vertical-striped shirts with neutral colors can make an eye-catching combination.

The vertical pattern gives a long look that goes well with the warmth of the lively olive-green color.

It is also essential how you layer yourself to create a balanced outfit.

Long, wool coats have an urban look and so does the olive green color. You can wear a double-creased coat with olive green pants to create a sophisticated look.

You can complete your look by wearing sunglasses to add strength to your overall look.

What Tops Go With Olive Green Pants?

Olive green is a very versatile and must-have pant color that you can pair with many tops to make your outfit stand out.

One of the most common tops that goes extremely well with olive green pants is a black t-shirt.

Black tees go well with some nice olive green cargo pants, joggers, or khakis.

The black color draws out the darkness from the olive green color which highlights the individuality of the green color and creates a very decent, casual look.

Olive green pants are also coupled well with black sweatshirts, creating a sophisticated look.

If you own olive green chinos or jeans, you can pair them with white sweaters.

White, being a light color, sheds all the light onto the darker, bolder olive color, creating a subtle and sleek look.

White shirts can also be worn with olive green pants to obtain a classy and sophisticated look.

When it comes to layering with warm clothes, burgundy goes very well with olive green joggers.

The Burgundy jacket completes a subtle look, giving an undertone of warm colors to your outfit.

Black overcoats are also a classic combination to complete your winter look.

You can also wear olive green pants with a casual denim jacket.

For mild weather, you can replace your denim jacket with a denim button-up shirt.

Quilted jackets are also a good option to go when wearing olive green pants.

A turtle-neck or a button-up shirt in warm tones looks best underneath these jackets.

How Do Men Pair Olive Green Pants?

Completing your outfit does not necessarily mean wearing the right combination of pants, shirts, and shoes.

There is a lot more you can do to enhance your look by adding certain accessories to your outfit.

Wearing a black fedora with olive green chinos or jeans gives out a very confident and charismatic vibe. It is a very famous pairing that gives a European touch to your outfit.

To give a slick and cool touch to your look, people often wear silver chains with olive green pants.

It matches the tone of the olive green color but at the same time, it is not overpowering.

For an urban outfit, you can pair olive green joggers or slacks with dark-colored scarfs and beanies to give depth to your outfit.

You can pair olive green chinos or khakis with a blazer and a pocket square along with a black leather belt to go from a smart casual to a business casual look.

Finally, you can wear black sunglasses to pull together a smart look. Sunglasses signify a person’s seriousness and acuity. They also add substance and strength to your look.

What Shoes Go With Olive Green Pants For Guys?

Shoes make an ultimate statement about the style and energy that you give out.

Styling your outfit with the right pair of shoes can make a big difference in your fashion statement.

If you own olive green jeans, joggers, chinos, cargo pants, or even trousers, one of the best options is to go for the best-contrasting, tan high tops, which give your outfit a very subtle look.

High tops with bold and dark colors give a rich appearance to your personality.

Chelsea boots have a very sophisticated and professional style.

Pairing them with your olive green khakis or chinos can elevate your outfit, making you ready for a lavish dinner or an important meeting.

Another stand-out pairing is olive green pants with hiking boots.

This changes the entire look of the outfit by giving it a feeling of adventure.

You can also wear suede shows to give a lighter and calming touch to your outfit.

You can wear a pair of white dress sneakers with olive green pants to go with a dark/navy blue shirt.

To go with the classic combination of white shirts with olive green pants, wearing dark brown loafers can really enhance your look giving out a very soft and formal vibe.


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