Located in the Pacific region of the United States is California.

A state that is famous for everything from its climate to awe-striking beaches to Disney World.

Many people fantasize about visiting California in the summer, but the best time to visit the gorgeous place is fall- specifically the month of October.

The peak tourist time is over and you get to enjoy yourself in a less crowded environment.

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The weather in October varies depending on where you go. 

In the southern region, you can still get the taste of summer with daytime temperatures of 70- to 80 °F.  At night time, the temperature drops to 50 °F 

Ten hours of sunlight and warm sea water, make it the perfect time to enjoy the amazing beaches of Los Angeles.

In northern California, you get to experience mild temperatures in the afternoon, ranging from 62.6 to 84.2 °F. The early morning and nights are chilly with temperatures dropping to 50 °F.

California sees very little rainfall in October- about 15 to 25mm, most of which happens during the last few days of the month. 


Californians are pretty casual with their everyday outfits. The streets are busy with people wearing all types of clothes. 

You may see one guy dressed in a sleek suit and another in lousy jeans or knickers.

So don’t worry about going overboard with your outfit choices.

 Since both Northern and Southern California are hot during the daytime, you can wear cute floral dresses, flowy skirts, shorts, and half sleeves t-shirts, 

A light jacket is also a must-have for your daytime activities because California begins to cool down with the passing hours.

If you think traveling with a jacket in your bag is a hassle, tie it around your waist. That will give you a chic look while keeping you warm when it gets cold.

October in California is incomplete without a trip to the beach, so make sure you pack your best bikini or swimsuit. Again, keep a light jacket, in case it gets cold.

As far as footwear is concerned, it is best to keep at least one pair of comfortable, high-quality shoes because a hiking trip is a must in October. For the beach, you can keep flip-flops.

For other activities, a cute pair of sandals would do but beware! If you are going to San Francisco, it is best to skip the open-toed shoes and opt for boots for sneakers.

The city sure has a lot worth seeing, but you might find dog poop on the streets- which is GROSS!


The October nights are pretty cold in California, and that only means one thing- Layers. Trust me, if you wish to enjoy California at night, you need to layer yourself up.

The perfect outfit for night times activities would be a pair of jeans or long pants with a cute top and a sweater or jacket. 

Ladies, make sure you pack some cute scarves as well because they will spice up your outfit and keep you warm.

You can also wear a dress when going to some fancy restaurant, but wear stockings underneath to keep your legs from getting cold. A sexy jacket for when you step out of the restaurant is also a necessity.

One outfit I believe would be perfect for any nighttime activity is a dark oversized sweater paired with black fox leggings and topped with an off-white wool coat. 

Finish the look with off-white ankle shoes and a cross-body bag.

Your footwear for nighttime activities needs close-toe shoes. Make sure you have a pair of ankle boots and Lace Up Boots because they are trending these days.

For club events, there is no particular dress code. But ladies dressed in cocktail dresses look cuter than those dressed in long pants. 

For men, on the other hand, a pair of ripped jeans with a dressy shirt works wonders.

If you are traveling with kids, make sure you’ve packed some good jackets and sweaters because you don’t need your little one freezing to death.


Sunscreen: Ten hours of sun every day means high levels of UV radiation. To protect your skin from sunburn, you must have a broad spectrum SPF 45 sunscreen, especially for beach trips.

Sun hat and sunglasses: In California, you can never go wrong with a cute head cover. Be it a sunhat or a beanie, everything looks chic in Cali. Don’t forget to pack a pair of sunglasses either.

Mobile phone charger: This is the one thing that you must pack. The hotel may have a charger, but it is best to carry your own.

Water-proof phone case: California in October means a lot of beach trips. A waterproof phone case will protect your precious device from water and is worth packing.

Water bottle; A refillable water bottle is absolutely essential to keep you hydrated on your hiking trips.

Socks: Do not forget to pack a few pairs of socks because those boots and sneakers will start smelling like skunks if worn without socks.

Backpack: Just like Dora, make a backpack your best friend on a trip to  California. Keep your jacket and extra shoes when traveling far away from your hotel.


California is huge. Traveling from the northern to the southern region can take half of your day. 

So before you head to the airport, prepare a list of all the places you wish to visit.

If your trip is short, don’t try to cover too many places, because that would only mean no time to relax and a lot of traveling.

To make your trip memorable, rent yourself a car. There is a lot to see in California, and public transport wouldn’t help much- especially if you plan on staying in LA.

Lastly, book your flight and hotels in advance to avoid any inconvenience. 


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