You might have come across this situation when you picked a legging that seemed of the perfect size in the store.

Events took a drastic turn when you drove home and tried it on.

The leggings either come way above your waist, covering your rib cage, or end up way too low on your hips, hardly covering anything.

The trip to the mall seems like a complete waste of money and time and you sit down dejected on your couch.

Couldn’t there be a way to turn time around? And how would you possibly make them work?

Well, that’s what we’re here for. Now’s not the time for the long face. So buckle up, because we’ve got the best advice on how to make your not-so-true-to-size leggings work.

What To Do In Case Your Leggings Are Too Long?

Leggings that are way too long for you can get pretty annoying.

They bunch up around the ankles and sag at the worst places around your leg.

Not to mention the constant need to pull them up because they don’t even fit around the waist.

Here are a few solutions to save yourself from the long-legging trouble.

Quick Fixes!

Since you’ve brought your leggings, you decide to wear them to your yoga class. It is only there that you realize you’ve made the biggest mistake of your life.

So, what should one do in these times of despair?

Never fear!

You can take help from these few quick tricks that work like magic and keep your leggings in place for at least half an hour.

  • Slide the leggings two to three inches above your ankle
  • Pull the rest of the bunched-up material up your leg
  • Adjust your waist, folding it once or twice to secure it
  • Smooth down the material down your legs

All done!

Now if you’re done with being lazy and putting things off then I suggest you grab your sewing essentials and follow the rest of the section through for fixes that will last longer than an hour.

Probably, even a lifetime.

Cut them!

Unlike wool or specific kinds of cotton, the material of leggings is a strong one. Meaning it won’t fray easily, so you need not be worried about damaging the fabric.

  • Take a pair of seamstress scissors and flatten your legging down on a table
  • Place both legs of the trouser so that they are exactly on top of one another
  • Measure the trouser and determine the length you want to cut off using a trouser that fits you well
  • Mark the length and snip away the extra length
  • With the help of a sewing needle or machine, fold the ends and secure them with the help of few stitches

You can always opt for a tailor if you’re not too sure about your sewing skills. You probably don’t want to take the risk of ruining your new leggings, even if they didn’t fit properly.

Fix The Hem!

There’s a big possibility that the legging doesn’t fit properly around the waist, so it’s constantly slipping downward.

Instead of cutting the ends of the trousers, you can fix the hem, if you have some experience with sewing.

  • Fold it twice
  • Run a stitch along its seams to secure it in place

You can also alter the elastic band around your waist, as per your choice (if needed).

What To Do When Your Leggings Are Too Short?

First things first, how can you tell if your leggings are too short?

Well, the biggest indicator of a size too small is when your stomach is sticking out too much, or much of it is being exposed.

Your skin might also show when you attempt squats or any other movement that requires you to sit down.

Leggings are usually made of stretchy material, (mostly spandex) meaning it will maintain its elasticity over time without getting deformed. Cotton and polyester are often used in line with one another to manufacture leggings, to keep the material strong and flexible.

Some of the best places to buy leggings from are Lululemon, Beyond Yoga, and Marine Serre. These brands specialize in manufacturing athletic clothing that you can also wear as day to day outfits.

The strong, flexible material they use to create the leggings allows your skin to breathe, while maintaining a stylish appearance.

So is it impossible to stretch out a legging, if it’s too small?

The answer is yes of course. These few tricks mentioned below will help you stretch out your leggings without causing permanent damage.

The Hot Water Trick

  • Fill a tub with warm water and immerse your leggings in the water.
  • Leave it in for 15-20 minutes and take it out
  • Put your muscles to the test and stretch the material out
  • Repeat the process a few times before leaving your leggings out to dry

Here are a few things to keep in mind prior to and during the procedure:

  • Make sure the water isn’t too hot, since this can cause irreversible damage to your leggings
  • Don’t pull too hard, because this will also harm the material causing it to deform

Baby Shampoo

  • Add a generous amount of baby shampoo in your tub or sink, and soak your leggings in the mixture
  • Leave it in for thirty minutes before wringing it out
  • Flatten it out on a surface and stretch the material before placing weights on either ends
  • Leave it in this position until it’s dry

The baby shampoo will act as a softener, loosening out the strands and making the material more flexible and easier to stretch.

A word of caution to this tale: you want your leggings to be snug around your legs, rather than sagging around all the wrong places (is there even a right place for clothes to sag on?). And trust me, you don’t want that.

Moral Of The Story

Always try your leggings before buying them. This way you can avoid the hassle and stress that follows suit and ensure the perfect size even if you have to go through a couple of pairs.

You wouldn’t have to go through half the things you’re going through now, and it sure would have saved you from a lot of time and trouble.


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