The hallmark on any kind of jewelry denoted by the acronym “RSC” is actually a symbol for the jewelers that go by the name of “RS Covenant”.

The business was established in 1978 by Pat and Roger Schroeder and is a very respectable supplier of fashionable jewelry bands in the United States.

About RS Covenant

RS Covenant strongly believes that their 40 odd years in this business have assisted them in gaining very keen insight into what should be done to keep things flourishing by way of a mutually beneficial relationship between them and their customers.

They believe that it is the most important aspect to put yourself into your customer’s shoes and understand their perspective and their arguments etc.

They understand that their success is solely based on the success of their clients and RSC does everything it can to help this happen.

RS Covenant’s program is its unique value proposition among other things. Even though it offers its customers perks like “Free displays, free stock cabinets, great margins, and liberal exchange privileges” that no other business can afford to do.

RSC’s program of tracking each and every item with comprehensive details and preparing income statements and performance analyses based on that is what sets it apart from all other businesses.

What They Sell

RSC’s product portfolio is exclusively based on rings that are made of either Sterling Silver or Jeweler’s Bronze.

Their main focus is on delivering on their promise of “You won’t find a better ring for less… that’s a promise!” which is also their mission statement.

RSC has some style of ever-green jewelry in their catalog, the demand for which still refuses to die down.

They have observed that in the old times, stones were mostly made of glass and glued into place whereas today, “Cubic Zirconia” is employed to have better, more elegant looking rings for more or less the same price.

Most RSC-made rings can be found in the market today for less than 50 US Dollars.

RSC’s Promises

RSC has some unique attributes to their products that act as a promise which are as follows:

  • They are handcrafted with quality craftsmanship
  • They are high quality yet do not break the bank
  • They have the most premium looking styles
  • They provide the most satisfaction


RSC seems to be a brand of choice for most people looking to have custom-made rings for themselves or for their business.

They stress greatly the fact that quality and customer satisfaction is the most important to them and they stop at nothing to achieve that.

As can be read in their mission statement as well as witnessed in their actions, they strive to “provide the finest ring possible at the best possible price”.

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