When buying jewelry, it is essential to be aware of the metal quality. Furthermore, it is critical to recognize the stamps and hallmarks on each of your jewelry products and recognize high-quality jewelry materials.

Since fabrication is pervasive in the jewelry industry, you must have the necessary awareness regarding jewelry stamps to avoid it.

Many jewelry items are imprinted with various symbols and characters, and while we may be familiar with many of them, we hardly comprehend what they symbolize.

The stamps on jewelry vary by type and are meant to inform you about the purity of the metal used in that item. These stamps also allude to the jewelry’s designer or creator.

Since it is illegal to misrepresent a piece of jewelry, these stamps have made it simple to recognize genuine jewelry from a recognized designer.

You may have come across a piece of jewelry with PT950 imprinted on it; you may already know that it relates to the purity of the metal and the designer, but let us learn more about what it means.

What is PT950? 

Platinum 950, often known as PT950, is 950 parts per thousand pure platinum. If a piece of jewelry has PT950 stamped on it, it signifies it is made up of 95% platinum. This rare and valuable metal is valued for its strength and brightness. 

It is a great choice for exquisite jewelry, and it is a great way to show off expensive stones. The silvery, glossy color of platinum brings out the brilliance of diamonds and other jewels. 

Unlike white gold, which can change color depending on the alloy, platinum maintains its silver color and does not tarnish either.

Platinum is unique in that it is both inherently durable and malleable. As a result, it only takes a few other metals to form an alloy that can be molded into excellent jewelry.

The FTC mandates the purity stamp on platinum jewelry, so platinum jewelry inscribed with PT950 means it is at least 95% pure platinum. Iridium, ruthenium, and cobalt are the other major metals that make up the remaining 5%.

What does Tiffany PT950 mean?

Tiffany PT950 on jewelry denotes that the jewelry comprises 95% pure platinum and is created by Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. has a long history dating back to 1837 and is recognized for manufacturing masterpieces. Their jewelry house has become a cultural icon, with renowned designers’ magnificent Art Deco designs and works.

Tiffany & Co. has strict criteria for the exceptionally high-quality materials utilized to make its jewelry items, as one would anticipate from a renowned prestige company. As in PT950, Tiffany & Co. always hallmarks its products to denote metal purity.


Tiffany refers to the iconic jewelry brand Tiffany & Co., while PT950 denotes the 95% purity of platinum utilized in the jewelry. This article will help you in understanding what these hallmarks imply and what you are buying.

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