When you buy a ring or look for one to glamorize your look, you not only want your piece to be sparkly but also want to know about the material used and the symbols e.g. Pt950 engraved on it.

The jewelry itself gives you information about the manufacturer, history, type of metal used in it, and its value. Such markings ensure the authenticity of the jewelry that you’re looking for. 

You just need to understand those symbols and numbers to make an informed purchase decision. 

Some rings have Pt950 engraved inside it. But what does it mean? Well, this article will give you all the information you need to know about Pt950. So, the next time you see a ring with such engraving you know what you are buying.

What does Pt 950 mean on a ring?

If you find a piece of jewelry that is engraved with Pt 950 it means that it is made out of platinum. Platinum rings are marked 950 because of the high percentage of platinum alloy used in it. 950 represents the 950 parts per thousand of platinum. 

Platinum alloys are used to strengthen the piece of jewelry. It has 90-95% pure platinum. Platinum is considered a precious metal and is denser than gold which means that a ring made of platinum would weigh more than a ring made out of gold.

Due to its density, it takes a longer time for manufacturers to make a platinum ring.

This makes it more expensive than white gold. Because of its shiny white color, it’s the number one choice for jewelers when it comes to the use of diamonds on jewelry to make it elegant and attractive.

What does Pt 950 mean?

Pt 950 means 950 parts of pure platinum per thousand. It has 95% of platinum. The Federal Trade Commission requires the platinum jewelry to be stamped Pt, PLAT, or PLATINUM. 

Platinum is a rare and quite precious metal and is renowned for its strength and attractiveness. Platinum jewelry is the finest because it brings out the vitality of gemstones and diamonds used on it. 

What does Tiffany & Co. PT 950 mean?

A ring, necklace, bracelet, or any other piece of jewelry engraved with Tiffany & Co. refers to a company founded in 1837. This company is well-known for creating masterpieces in the world of jewelry.

While some pieces of jewelry have a more traditional appearance, others have a more ingenious and modern aesthetic. A piece of fine jewelry stamped with Tiffany promises allegiance, beauty, and sophistication.

Tiffany jewelry is handcrafted in the United States. The links on Tiffany’s pieces are soldered. The Tiffany & Co. is stamped on every piece of jewelry. The precious metals used in Tiffany & Co.’s jewelry are held to the same high standards.

Tiffany & Co. will always engrave their pieces to indicate the metal purity. In this case, PT 950 indicates the purity of platinum used in the jewelry. This type of jewelry has 95% platinum and 5% alloys. 


As we have described earlier these markings are quite important when you are buying a ring. These engravings determine the material of your ring which then signifies the quality of that piece.

Bracelet, ring, or necklace, if they are marked with PT, it means that your jewelry is made of platinum. Whereas 950 stands for the percentage of that metal used in it. It is beneficial for you to keep yourself informed about the markings on your jewelry.

Some brands like Tiffany & Co. stamp their company name for the uniqueness and authenticity of their jewelry. 

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