You might have experience in buying platinum rings. Platinum used in wedding rings is mixed with other metals to strengthen it, just like gold rings are alloyed with other metals to create 18k gold.

In the United States, platinum is obtainable in 900 having 900 parts of platinum and 100 parts of other metals. It assures that the product contains 90% pure platinum.

950 is another term used with plat to indicate the platinum content which is 95% in the ring and is typically more costly than plat900.  

Are platinum rings worth anything?

Platinum is rare and is the strongest of all metals used in jewelry. So, it is usually more expensive than gold or any other metal of the same proportion. Annually, 88 tons of platinum are utilized in designing platinum jewelry.

So, it is valuable and does hold value. A typical 4mm 95% pure platinum ring is sold at $800 and the starting price range for wedding rings is $2,000. 

Is platinum jewelry worth buying?

Platinum has the highest material value of all precious metals and is regarded as a strong symbol of value and quality. Platinum is the best metal for wedding rings that have great sentimental value. These rings have a high resale value.

Moreover, if you are in search of a jewelry piece that is polished, and sticks with white gold and silver, then platinum has all of these characteristics and will be worth purchasing. 


Jewelry should be inscribed with Pt for platinum and pt900 for pure platinum. It indicates the percentage of platinum content in it. Platinum is more valuable than gold as it is a rare metal and is worth $800. Platinum rings have a good resale price and can be a great investment if you love buying jewelry.

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