You’ll come across many trademarks and stamps when shopping for jewelry. These tiny imprints or marks can be seen on jewelry and provide important information about the jewelry.  You may have come upon a ring with P4SR etched on it but had no idea what it meant. 

P4SR is a metal alloy that resembles white gold or platinum but does not include significant amounts of either. P4 stands for Platina 4, a Star Ring, Inc. branded metal alloy. 

P4 was developed by Star Ring as a low-cost alternative to high-quality white gold and platinum jewelry. Below is all the necessary information about its worth. 

What is it worth?

Despite its diluted metal composition, the most remarkable feature is its affordability. It also doesn’t necessitate a lot of long-term maintenance. 

Why should you buy a P4SR ring? You can purchase a lovely P4SR ring for roughly a third of the price of a white gold band. And it looks like white gold but is a fraction of the price. 

Unlike platinum, P4SR jewelry can be resized. It’s also worth noting that the primary component of P4SR jewelry is silver, a classic jewelry metal. P4SR is a new jewelry metal that’s worth looking into.

Most expensive ones with gemstones can costs around $1,605 to $2,521. P4SR rings are also available at affordable rates. It varies from country to country.


P4SR means that the piece of jewelry consists of platinum, palladium, gold, and silver. The mixture provides customers with a low-cost alternative to gold jewelry. P4SR is an alternative jewellery metal worth exploring if you’re on a budget but still want white gold or platinum.

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