Have you ever seen a ring with a code NV engraved on it? If yes, then what is the meaning of it? We are here to explore frequently asked questions about NV rings. Well, it indicates a manufacturer’s mark.

Rings stamped NV reflects that they are prepared by the Nevada Jewelry company or the Nevada Silver Mine. 

Jewelers and coin makers implement stamping as a distinct way of marking their products and protecting them from the ones who make fake jewelry.

NV marked rings also sometimes have a number like 6,7,8 and 9, which indicate the sizes of the rings.

Is an NV ring good quality?

As an NV ring is made of precious metal such as  Sterling Silver or gold, then it must be of very good quality. Since pure silver is extremely malleable, the softness of the metal makes it a rare candidate for many types of jewelry that are usually worn.

So, the highest grade of silver for rings and jewelry is Sterling Silver with 92.5% purity. This sterling silver makes a good quality gold ring. Other metals such as stainless steel are more likely to cause allergic reactions to the wearer.

What is an NV ring worth?

14k gold and sterling silver are not very expensive and make the ring reasonable. 1 gram of NV gold ring costs $62.18. We can determine the worth of an nv ring by checking its stamp and weight.


We hope that you have adequately quenched your inquisitiveness about the NV rings. It’s a company worth trying out.

Now, after knowing the difference between real and unreal nv rings, you won’t be misled by anyone while buying jewelry.

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