The marks or stamps on jewelry indicate the initials of the goldsmith, hallmarks or purity, and trademarks of the company that produced the article. 

H is a stamp that depicts the manufacturing process and ring quality. The letter implies that the ring manufacturer did not use heat in making it. 

What does H mean on jewelry?

H on jewelry refers to the initials of different manufacturers of gold jewelers, and it often accompanies some other letters carved in different designs and styles. 

e.g., H with G denotes Hagit Gorali -an Israeli-born jeweler who primarily works in gold and silver. 

Similarly, H and B refer to the New York City-based Hammerman Bros founded by Benjamin, Bernard, and Hyman Hammerman, dealing with gold and platinum. H and N mean Johnny Yau’s Heng Ngai Jewelry Group working largely in gold and silver.

What does H mean in a ring?

H signifies the manufacturing process of a ring, i.e. it is produced without heating. If the hallmark of H is carved with A, it describes a mid-grade ruby piece with some mild heating. It also denotes that the ring is less valuable than other items.

Similarly, another hallmark H(b) is carved in rings that specify the selection of very low-quality jewelry.

What does H gold mean?

H gold means Hydrostatic Gold Electroplating. The term implies that the non-gold base metal is coated with a thin layer of gold that appears like real solid gold. The piece of gold is marked with some stamps like 14k HGE.


The stamp H on a ring denotes the manufacturing process without using heat. The letter H on jewelry refers to the initials of the manufacturer’s name.

If you see H inside a ring accompanied by other letters, it specifies the quality of that piece. H gold refers to hydrostatic gold electroplating, meaning a thin layer of gold is coated over a base metal.

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