As you approach a gold ring you may find different types of stamps engraved on it. They put these stamps on jewelry for two purposes. 

Firstly, a three-digit number indicates the percentage of pure metal in that particular gold item. In some cases, a two-digit number is carved on the ring, followed by the capital letter K. A two-digit number on a ring refers to the karat quality in gold jewelry.

Platinum jewelry is denoted by a three-digit number. PT or PLAT stamps follow a three-digit number representing the ratio of pure metal in it. Secondly, the stamps characterize the hallmark of designers or manufacturers, symbolizing their identity. 

Esposito Jewelry INC. is a Providence, Rhode Island-based jewelry company that manufactures exclusive gold jewelry.

ESPO is the signature logo of that company that was used first in the mid-nineties. Therefore, if you see a stamp ESPO on a ring, it possibly depicts the hallmark of the ring maker.

In addition to that, ESPO stamped on a sterling piece refers to that electroplated. Another point to note is that companies employ stamps only on their ring items, while designer brands utilize stamps on all jewelry items. 

What does 10K GF ESPO mean?

As described above 10K refers to the purity of gold, and GF means Gold Filled. 10K GF means that it constitutes 41.7% gold and 58.3% alloy with other metal composites. In simple words, 10k GF means it is 10 Karat Gold Filled.

ESPO displays several different things, such as manufacturers’ identities or companys’ logos. 

As we know that 10K is the lowest purity of gold, legally sold under the term karat. Therefore, the stamp 10K GF ESPO on a sterling piece depicts electroplating, used to improve some properties and hide surface defects.

Electroplating gives a richer appearance and uniform color to hide variations of other components and solder lines.

Furthermore, it is comparatively a speedy and inexpensive process to accomplish as it does not require a substantial investment in costly equipment.


Gold manufacturers carve different stamps on rings for various purposes. 3-digit engravings on the gold rings symbolize the karat quality in gold jewelry, while 3-digit carvings on platinum show the proportion of pure metal.

ESPO refers to the Esposito jewelry INC logo but, on a sterling piece, 10K GF ESPO represents electroplating to improve the gold color on the surface. 

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