What does DQCZ mean in Jewelry?

DQCZ is a part of the Dominique product line of QVC which is an American television network. DQ is a short form of Dominique and CZ stands for cubic zirconia also referred to as an alternative to diamond.

If engraved on a piece of jewelry, DQCZ usually means that it belongs to the Dominique product range manufactured by QVC.

QVC is well-reputed in the industry because of the many product lines that it owns and although Dominique is not one of the highest sold product ranges, it still makes enough sales to continue being manufactured and placed in retail stories such as Target.

They are purchased by people who either cannot afford real diamonds or do not want to contribute to their unethical trade concerns.

What are Domonique diamonds?

Dominique diamonds were introduced by QVC in 2001 and were made from an artificially produced crystalline material called Cubic Zirconia.

They are colorless diamonds that are less expensive than the real ones but very difficult to tell apart. Domonique’s product range uses this diamond stimulant to produce jewelry and although its value is not as high as that of a real diamond, it still is the finest diamond substitute in terms of hardness and sparkle.

This means that Cubic Zircona acts as a good replacement for diamonds since it is not an easy substance to destroy, just like that of a real diamond.

Moreover, its qualities are such that it ensures a certain amount of reflection of light hence some sparkle is maintained.

What does DQCZ mean on a ring?

If there is a ring that has DQCZ stamped on the inside, it probably means that it was purchased from retail stores which sell the product range of Dominique diamonds produced by QVC.

These pieces of jewelry are manufactured by QVC as a substitute for diamond rings and if one were to look at them, it would definitely be very tough to differentiate between a real and fake one.

This is because ‘Cubic Zircona’ is a widely used diamond substitute which although does not have a very high market value, certainly is used to produce jewelry that looks equally beautiful and graceful.

If a ring has DQCZ  imprinted on it, it means it is not made of a real diamond but instead from a stimulant called ‘Cubic Zircona’.

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