What does CN mean on a diamond ring?

The label CN on any diamond ring is indicative that it was manufactured in China. This means that it is a piece of jewelry produced in the Chinese jewelry market, however, it definitely does not in any way reflect the quality of the piece.

Due to a general perception that all products made in China are of low quality, many people tend to subside the diamond rings which have CN engraved on them.

The truth is that China is one of the largest manufacturers of jewelry and their quality lies among the topmost manufacturers hence diamond rings with CN imprinted on them are definitely worth the purchase.

What does 925 CN mean on a ring?

The 925 mark on any piece of jewelry is always reflective of the fact that it is made from sterling silver.

If there is a ring with 925 CN engraved on it, it is usually for the customers to know that the ring is a jewelry piece containing 92.5 percentage of silver in it.

This mark automatically increases the market value of the piece since Sterling Silver has a higher selling price than any other type of silver. CN is the label which means that the piece was manufactured in China. 

What does IBB CN mean with no numbers?

IBB is a London-based firm, also referred to as International Bullion & Metal Brokers. Its main mission is to produce and distribute gold, silver, and diamond jewelry around the globe.

Many jewelry makers have their pieces engraved with IBB because it gives an impression of reliability to the customer since this firm guarantees authentic material. CN as mentioned above means that the jewelry is manufactured in China.

If there are no numbers on a particular piece of jewelry but it just has IBB CN imprinted on it, it just means that the percentage of metal material is not specified, however, in no way does it indicate that the piece of jewelry is artificial or not real.

What does 188 CN mean on earrings?

IBB is a firm that produces extensive amounts of jewelry made of silver, gold, and diamonds.

They then distribute their jewelry all around the world which is why if there is a piece of earnings which have 188 CN imprinted on them, it just showcases the manufacturer mark of IBB and reflects that this jewelry was indeed approved by their standards.

It is a way to check if the earrings really are made from real jewelry metal and not fake. 188 is a number allocated to the piece when it is being manufactured in China as proven by the mark CN.

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