Jewelry has distinct markings and symbols like UD that summarize the item’s information. These metal marks are usually more visible on rings.

It is necessary to know the meaning of the markers as they represent manufacturers, distribution companies, and craftsmen.

Furthermore, each brand has its signature and maintains its own personal standard. Like a ring engraved with UD or a bracelet marked with 925 has a significant meaning behind it. In this article, we will discuss what the UD marking means. 

What does UD mean on a ring?

When you find a ring with UD stamped inside. If your ring is from a company named Universal Jewelry then it means Universal Designers. UD can also mean Universal Denomintation.

But the stamp inside your ring can also be indicating towards a designer name, a jeweler, or a trademark. 

What does 925 UD mean on a bracelet?

A bracelet with 925 UD stamped inside a bracelet means 925 sterling silver. It is basically a metal alloy which is a combination of several types of alloy. Sterling silver is different from pure silver. Pure silver is 99.9% silver without any alloy. 

Whereas sterling silver contains 92.5% silver and the remaining is 7.5% alloys of zinc, nickel, or copper. Copper is most commonly used by jewelers. Whereas some prefer zinc or nickel because it adds durability to it. 


Above given information is necessary as it allows you to differentiate between silver plated jewelry and sterling silver ones. Otherwise, one cannot tell the difference between them without proper knowledge about these symbols and numbers.

Markings like UD indicate the name of the jewelry company that made them. Understanding the material of various metals will allow you to make the right decision and get the rings you have planned to buy. 

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