There is absolutely no doubting the motivational value of a new set of coordinated athletic apparel.

And with gyms reopen, there is no better time to invest in high-tech fitness apparel with feminine patterns and shapes.

1. Maraton Sportswear

With their strong team spirit and the organization they manage, as well as their original designs and high-quality products that are adaptable to new markets and the future, their vision is to be one of the world’s leading sportswear companies.

Maraton Sportswear was formed in 1992 by four brothers, previously known as Cebir Tekstil, under the direction of Celal Kaya. The process began in a small cutting workshop in Laleli, where a modest workshop began producing tracksuits. 

Cebir Tekstil, which sold the tracksuits they painstakingly made to Laleli’s boutique enterprises, took another step forward in 1997 by opening its first store in Laleli.

Since that time, the Eastern European market has developed stronger relationships with its clients, expanded its wholesale offerings through its own shop, and established a significant presence in the market.

Cebir Tekstil evolved in tandem with the changing world, acquiring the Maraton Sportswear brand in 2000 and embarking on a more unique and concentrated route. 

In 2001, the men’s group design team was formed to help define its own line, and it quickly earned the respect of its customers for its unique works focusing on the Maraton Sportswear Collection. 

Maraton Sportswear increased its market efficiency by adding a second store in Laleli in 2003, followed by a Polish location in 2004. It quickly extended its customer base and built its third store in Merter in 2005, with the goal of appealing to the Middle Eastern market.

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2. SpeedLife

They are a modern, forward-thinking, and high-quality sportswear company.

MC Textile was founded in 1993 with advanced, modern, high-capacity machinery and a professional workforce to make “private labels” for multinational businesses.

To suit client requests, MC Textile entered the market with the ‘Speedlife’ brand and quickly gained success. Always striving for excellence and superior quality, Speedlife has established a reputation as an inventive and distinctive brand.

By combining years of knowledge and dedicated effort, the company is able to create items that incorporate both comfortable cuts and tidy and fashionable conceptions.

Speedlife goods are exported by MC Textile to a number of countries, including Russia, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Portugal, Romania, Ukraine, Algeria, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, and the Turkic Republics. Additionally, the company is increasing its distribution channels via shop-in-shop and corner distributors.

Speedlife established its Team Sports Unit in the process of growing into a significant brand, and now manufactures jerseys and tracksuits for a variety of multinational brands.

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3. Fitcom

Recep Demir, one of the pioneers of production in the sportswear sector with over 25 years of expertise in the import-export business, made another step forward in 2013 by establishing VIP sports. A trademark has been established.

VIP Sports was founded with its own money; with a team developed by closely monitoring all global industry trends, integrating design and inspiration, technology and production, it is the name of well-known sportswear brands such as Umbro, Kappa, Jako, Lotto, and Hummel. offers service.

VIP exemplifies this steadiness; he attributes his unwavering excitement for design to his professionalism, which is shown in his collaborative work that improves the communal consciousness.

Vip Spor employs 190 workers. Customer service representatives are focused on presenting the best collection as quickly as possible.

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They think that conserving their valuable resources–employees, the environment, and their community–is the best approach to ensure the success of future generations.

Because of the size of their company, they can make a significant contribution to Turkey’s and the world’s sustainable development. Their efforts are focused on driving positive and long-term change in the textile sector, with sustainability as their guiding framework.

They value all of their workers and business partners with whom they work and source. They regard their corporate community as a large family, and they are confident in their ability to maintain the trust of their customers, suppliers, and stakeholders.

Their commitment to investing in cutting-edge technology and manufacturing procedures allows them to shorten production times, saving money for all parties involved.

Their in-house R&D center continues to conduct research and technological development in order to improve their services and standards in order to meet the textile industry’s future demands.

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