Necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, for example, have long been one of the most apparent ways for people to express their power, wealth, and status.

Aside from the prestige associated with wearing jewelry, when worn on important occasions, it can easily reveal a person’s individuality and bring out the best features of the wearer. It also makes women feel more distinguished, stylish, and appealing.

What’s great about jewelry is that it’s somehow connected to human culture. For any special occasion, such as a birthday celebration or a wedding, people prefer to link jewelry with something extraordinary.

As a result, many people contemplate devoting a significant amount of time and effort to finding or making the most exquisite jewelry conceivable.

Fortunately, Philadelphia has a plethora of high-quality jewelry manufacturers who can create exquisite items. So, check out the following jewelry manufacturers to satisfy your requirements.

List of jewelry manufacturers in Philadelphia:  

  • Rubertone’s CAD and Casting
  • International Manufacturing Company
  • L. Priori Jewelry
  • Forge & Finish
  • Emily Chelsea Jewelry

1. Rubertone’s CAD and Casting

Rubertone’s is a full-service jewelry manufacturing company based in the historic Jeweler’s Row neighborhood of Philadelphia.

They are dedicated to providing great customer service and promise to go above and beyond your expectations, and their main goal is to give the highest quality service to you and your clients at a reasonable cost and with a quick response time.

They use CAD software to improve the designer’s efficiency, the quality of the design, communication through documentation, and the creation of a database for manufacturing. By using this technology, any jewelry idea can be designed, created, or recreated.

Contact info:

Tel: 215.923.5948

Email: [email protected]


Address: 730 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106, United States of America.

2. International Manufacturing Company

International Manufacturing Company was founded in 1989 to provide design, casting, and repair services to local jewelers.

Their service area quickly extended to encompass customers from all over the world, servicing designers, retailers, and artists, thanks to their attention to detail, customer care, and uncompromising quality. In addition, they want to be your dependable and great business partner.

Their philosophy is that they can only succeed if you succeed. They strive to make your company more successful and understand how essential jewelry designs and concepts are to you.

You will be consulted on changes throughout the product development process, and your design integrity and confidentiality will be maintained.

Contact info:

Tel: 215-925-7558

Email: [email protected]


Address: 712 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106, United States of America.

3. L. Priori Jewelry

Lauren Priori owns and operates L. Priori Jewelry, a top Philadelphia jewelry manufacturer for a new generation.

They produce personalized diamond rings and rebuild heirloom jewelry to better match your style by combining old-world techniques with current CAD technology.

They set all of their center stone diamonds in Philadelphia, but they can accommodate clients from all across the United States.

They also specialize in revamping vintage engagement rings so that they have a newer, more modern appearance. They utilize the original ring’s metals and stones or add to them to create the perfect engagement ring that will make your partner smile every time she looks down at her hands.

Contact info:

Tel: 267-318-7507

Email: [email protected]


Address: 1719 Chestnut Street, Ste 300, Philadelphia, PA 19103, United States of America.

4. Forge & Finish

Forge & Finish is a one-of-a-kind jewelry manufacturer.  It is a women-owned and operated company. Desiree, Emily, and Carly founded this company in 2015.

They’ve since established a production facility in Philadelphia’s vibrant Olde Kensington area. Using conventional and experimental processes, each item is imbued with the soul of the three creators.

Unique designs with trademark textures, blended metals, and unique silhouettes to low-key fundamentals are all available in handcrafted pieces.

Contact info:

Tel: +1 484-324-8857


Address: 1639 N Hancock St Studio 402, Philadelphia, PA 19122, United States of America.

5. Emily Chelsea Jewelry

Emily Chelsea Jewelry is a jewelry manufacturer based in Philadelphia that specializes in handmade engagement rings and wedding bands.

Their jewelry pieces are meticulously designed and beautifully produced, starting with precision and accuracy and then finishing by hand for a handcrafted aesthetic. They strive to build your fantasy ring using 3D CAD software, tailoring it to your exact specifications.

During your visit, you will be able to witness your jewelry items come to life on the computer, eliminating all of the worries and questions that come with unique one-of-a-kind pieces.

Moreover, they are dedicated to social responsibility, environmental friendliness, and equal opportunity. They use 100 percent recycled precious metals, as well as recycled diamonds and colorful stones that can be traced back to responsible origins.

To minimize their environmental impact, they employ eco-friendly methods to manufacture their jewelry, such as employing non-toxic chemicals, recycling trash and dust from the workbench and equipment, and repurposing packaging and shipping materials.

Contact info:

Tel: 215-914-9100

Email: [email protected]


Address: 2429 E Gordon St, Philadelphia, PA 19125, United States of America.

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