Tiffany company came into being in 1837 and developed into a universal design house at the forefront of ingenious jewelry design and proficient craftsmanship. It is a renowned French-operated American luxury jewelry and specialty vendor.

Having headquarters in New York City, the corporation prides itself in retailing jewelry, sterling silver, crystal, stationery, fragrances, watches, water bottles, personal accessories, and leather goods. 

Furthermore, care, repair, complimentary ring polishing, and a full lifetime warranty are part of their service offerings. If you are looking forward to buying Tiffany jewelry, then you must be aware of its rates in different countries.

Talking particularly about Japan, Tiffany’s costs are 20 to 30 percent higher there as compared to the United States. The company refers to the decreasing value of the yen which is the main reason why the prices of foreign goods are higher in Japan.

Generally speaking, the jewelry designed in Japan is never cheap but is of very high quality created only at the highest level of craftsmanship. Prices differ depending on the place from where you buy.

The top stores such as Wako and Mikimoto are skilled in providing you with exclusive quality and service but on the other hand, prices are extortionate. But if you survey the jewelry Town in Ueno, you can get similar articles with 20-30% fewer prices. 

Is Tiffany jewelry from Japan authentic?

Tiffany jewelry is specifically manufactured in countries all over the world entailing Spain, Italy, France, Japan, and the US. Their diamond engagement rings are created with utmost care and gemstones and diamonds are well-finished and are of very fine quality.

In addition to this, they have certain diamond quality standards falling within the range of GIA’s grading system with clean, consistent, and well-tooled stones. So, Tiffany jewelry from Japan is hundred percent authentic.

However, to protect your hard-earned money from scammers, there are ways to be sure what you are buying is genuine. The brand inscribes every jewelry item with the marking “Tiffany and Co.” along with the metal’s purity mark.

Similarly, signatures and hallmarks will be placed in the interior of a Tiffani ring and “925” or “sterling” will be engraved on true sterling silver pieces. Moreover, they ensure every stamp or logo on real Tiffany jewelry should be perfectly carved and aligned. 


Tiffany is a remarkable brand providing jewelry, watches, and other accessories. In Japan Tiffany’s jewelry price is higher than in the US due to the decreasing value of their currency.

But the quality is not compromised and is designed with expert craftsmanship and specific diamond quality standards. Large stores like Wako and Mikimoto are costly but the same item can be purchased at much fewer prices in towns such as Ueno. 

Tiffany has stores in major countries including France, Italy, Spain, Japan, and the US. So if you are buying a piece of jewelry from Japan then you are assured that it is authentic. 

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