Mexican jewelry has a long and rich history of three thousand years. The country was famous for its exquisite handmade silver jewelry during the pre-Columbian period.

The Mexicans would prepare gorgeous pieces of jewelry and adorn their God with them.

Rich people also wore carefully crafted gold, jade, and silver jewelry to show off their high status. 

Centuries have passed, but to this day, Mexico is famous for its gorgeous pieces.

The gold and silversmiths put a lot of thought into crafting their jewelry.

Some of the most renowned jewelry artists like Frida Kahlo, William Spratling, and Ignacio Gomez were also from Mexico.

Mexican jewelry’s elegant and traditional designs are the reason that no tourist goes back home without at least one article. 

For years, however,  there’s been a rumor that jewelry in Mexico is not only pretty but also cheap. Upon hearing this, we decided to do some research and discovered the truth. 


The first metal we researched is Gold. The lustrous metal is sought after all over the world and has high resale value.

Mexico is responsible for mining its own gold.

Out of the six states involved in mining,  Senora is the most conspicuous one. It is responsible for producing more than 30 percent of the country’s total gold. 

The country is famous for producing unique gold jewelry. Some of the most common types of Mexican gold jewelry are:


These pieces are inspired by the pre-Columbian period. Mayan-inspired oversized chains are quite famous amongst tourists. 


Gold jewelry embedded with precious stones like amethyst, jade, opal, and turquoise is an identifying characteristic of Aztec- inspired articles. 

Spanish Influence:

When Spain occupied Mexico, their traditions became intermixed. This gave rise to Spanish-influenced jewelry pieces like pendants engraved with Jesus.

Being the 11th largest gold producer, one can expect Mexico to sell its lustrous metal at lower rates. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

The country sells gold at the same rate as the United States of America. Yikes, there goes the dream of buying cheap gold in Mexico.

One possible reason why people may find cheaper Gold in Mexico than in the United States is the difference in karats. 

In Mexico, the lowest possible grade for gold jewelry is 8K. Since this gold has more impurities, it is cheaper than the 10K- the lowest gold standard in the US.


Next, we decided to dig deep into the stone that women all around the world swoon over, the Diamond.

For the longest time,  word has been going around that Mexico sells cheap diamonds. How authentic is this? Let’s find out. 

You see, the price of anything in the world depends on supply and demand. If the demand for a certain object is higher than its supply- the rates will go up.

Similarly, when supply increases and demand is low, the prices go down. 

Currently, the supply of precious stone is increasing in Mexico, but the demand is pretty low. The reason behind this is the recession that followed after the corona pandemic.

Apart from that, changes in Mexico’s political situation have also played their part. Previously, the country was governed by an authoritarian government, but now it has been replaced by a democratic one.

This change has helped the country score some foreign investments in the diamond industry. 

As per our research, the price of a one-carat diamond in Mexico is 18,257.46 pesos (USD 888.61), while in the United States, the price is USD 939.41.

The labor in Mexico is also cheaper than in the United States. This proves that the rumor is not fake. Diamond jewelry is relatively less expensive in Mexico than elsewhere.

So if you are planning to get married or engaged, head to Mexico and buy the perfect diamond ring for your significant other. That too, at a lower price. 


Silver jewelry is as old as Mexico itself. 

The skilled men designed silver jewelry and ornaments with a lot of patience and dedication. 

Silver made up most of the country’s exports in the Pre-Columbian period. Again, when Spain occupied Mexico, it used the silver mines to generate wealth for itself.

In 1929, William Spratling moved to Taxco, Mexico, and opened a workshop. The workshop employed a hundred silversmiths who crafted the designs created by Spartling. 

These designs became an immediate hit amongst the tourists, and Taxco’s fate changed forever. People began seeing Taxco as the best place for silver jewelry. To this day, nothing has changed.

Mexican silver jewelry is famous for being high quality. Since the country has a lot of silver mines, you can find silver vendors everywhere, from beaches to high-end stores.

The abundance of metal in Mexico has made it cheaper. So, if you are planning a trip to Taxco, make sure you buy some silver jewelry and take it back as a souvenir to your country.  

But beware! You might find some vendors selling imitation jewelry as genuine silver. When buying, check for a 925 or 950 stamp on the jewelry, as it donates the purity of the silver. 

The next thing to look for is a stamp saying “Mex” or “Mexico.”

If both of these stamps are present, buy the silver without thinking twice.

Now you know all about Mexican jewelry. While gold has the same price in Mexico and elsewhere, Diamonds and Silver are relatively cheap. 


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