It is summer time and just like everyone you feel the need to sort your wardrobe of work according to that. You have to get rid of tights and hardcore pants and switch to skirts and dresses for the summertime.

But there is always going to be a question about this kind of dressing, ‘Is it too short? Am I wearing it right? Is this an appropriate dress for work? And so much more. Even though you work in a space that is business casual, there are some rules you have to follow for the dress and skirt length. 

The length of a dress or skirt that you wear depends on a lot of things that contribute to it as well. You have to be mindful of the body proportions, length of your legs and arms, your skin tone, and how you carry a skirt or dress in a professional setting.

There are different types of dresses and skirts one can go for. Now, the tricky part is that if you choose a good measurement for a pleated skirt it might not work for a pencil skirt or a maxi skirt as well. 

For a bodycon dress, you have to be sure of the measurements and make sure that it fits as compared to a frilly dress that would have different measurements on the same person. 

It all comes down to the kind of fabric there is and how a dress and skirt are tailored. The type of accessories you wear with a length of a dress or skirt also has a huge impact on the length you should have for both articles.

How Short Is Too Short For A Professional Dress?

So you have finally sorted that it is going to be a dress that you are going to wear to work today. Now it is a bodycon dress which already accentuates your body curves so it is a risky option but as long as the length is right, you’re safe. 

If you are above 5 foot 6 inches, which is a general height in women, the bodycon dress should be a bit below your knees so that when you sit it goes in the middle of your knees or slightly above, still giving a modest look. 

With a bodycon dress, since it is already hugging your figure the chances of it flowing are zero. But it can ride up from the hem so you can do a little DIY trick for that. 

Use fabric tape and take a piece of it for the inside of your dress. Attach the piece inside the hem of your dress and that is how it would stick to your skin without damaging it and making it go up every time you move. 

You can also go for something that is above your knee length but again that depends on your legs and how lengthy they are. You just have to make sure that the hem of your dress or skirt is secured so that it doesn’t ride up.

Is It Okay To Wear A Mini Skirt To Work?

You can wear a mini skirt to work as long as it is the perfect length that goes according to the dress code rules. Other than the dress code, you have to make sure that it looks good on you as well because every body type is different so the required length of a mini skirt might not work for you. 

You have to manoeuvre around the required length according to your body’s needs. 

How Short Is Okay For Work Shorts?

You can wear shorts to work but nowadays most business casual settings also discourage wearing shorts as they are super casual. 

The business casual settings that don’t allow shorts to work are okay with capri pants or khakis too. The pants should be a decent length for a professional look. 

While taking care of the type of dress or skirt you should wear, there is a standard that you have to follow. The skirt length or even for a dress, shouldn’t be shorter than 2 inches above the knee. 

Other than business casual settings, if you are working in a conservative environment, the dress or skirt should be the perfect length. You can wear a bodycon or a dress to work and it should be worn with heels or something that highlights your height and the dress you are wearing. 

Wearing a dress or a skirt according to the weather of the day also can make a huge difference. If it is extremely windy outside you have to make sure that you wear something that does not fly away with the wind and in this case, even the fabric tape won’t help. 

Wearing a dress that is bodycon or in two separates and doesn’t have anything flowy to it is going to be a perfect choice. Wearing the right colours for your dress or skirt also makes a huge difference.

For a conservative environment, you have to stick to dark colours or nudes so that it works well with the shirts and blouses that you select. In a business casual setting, you can wear different colours and experiment with your shoes too. 

In a business casual environment, you can also wear a pair of sneakers with skirts or dresses. It gives a more comfortable look and you can also walk a lot with sneakers so it is a win-win situation for everyone. 

Whatever you wear, the right length of your clothes is always going to be important and it should also compliment your body type as well. 

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