We all love jewelry and if it is made out of some precious materials then it definitely doubles the excitement levels of everyone. But then the price must be paid for such exciting jewelry because such kind is expensive. 

The same thing goes for gold jewelry but it is definitely not that expensive as compared to diamond and platinum jewelry. But as a stand-alone jewelry type, you can easily find the prices of gold jewelry starting from 800 bucks and it goes up from there. 

And for that very reason, you should definitely go for gold-plated jewelry because why not? It is much more affordable and kind of fulfills the purpose of wearing and showing off gold. 

Gold-plated jewelry is a very common method in which there is a thin layer of gold-like color on metallic jewelry. You can find gold jewelry-like imitations that are even hard to identify and distinguish from real gold sometimes.

The aim is to plate the jewelry to make sure that it appears as real as it gets. The gold plating method was firstly done in 1805 and ever since then, it has been a popular substitute for real gold jewelry. 

While shopping for gold-plated jewelry you need to keep in mind that is definitely not the real thing and all factors like pricing and materials would support the outcome too. The materials in it contain sterling silver, nickel, copper, brass, stainless steel, and titanium. 

The gold on the jewel is made of real gold though but since the amount is so little in the mixture that it doesn’t really worth that much. This gold jewelry is not marked at all like the real thing since you are paying for the material under the plating which doesn’t really need marking. 

While plating these materials it is made sure that they appear like real gold. For example, there is white gold which is a blend of white metal and yellow gold and white metal is usually Palladium. 

So the plating has rhodium in it that gives the required yellow hue and brightness like gold. Now this color and brightness remain for a certain amount of time and after some time it starts fading and the metal turns to black or in its original color. 

The thinner gold plating on metallic jewelry is up to .5 microns and for a heavy coating, the jewelry makers go for 2.5 microns. If a piece of gold-plated jewelry is less than .5 microns and is still labeled as gold-plated then that is misleading. 

So even with gold-plated jewelry, there are chances you might get fake ones while actually looking for a piece like that. So you need to check out before buying because you might end up paying for something plated that was never gold plated in the first place.

Is Gold Plated Jewelry Worth Anything?

Gold-plated jewelry is just worth the money that you are spending on it. It all depends on what level of gold is plated on it and that is how you can determine the worth of gold-plated jewelry. 

If it is like 18 Karat plated on jewelry then you can definitely imagine it to be a couple of hundred bucks if it is from a branded place, but that is it. But that also is not a big deal since it would last you only for 6 months or hardly a year. 

As compared to real gold, which lasts you for ages, gold plated does not really have much of a life and soon the plating wears off. While shopping for it, make sure that you carefully see the condition of the plating on the jewelry. 

Because if there is even a slight color change then you don’t want to spend your money on something less quality that is already not going to last you long enough. Almost everyone can afford gold-plated jewelry and again it depends on what kind you are going for.

Is 24 Karat Gold Plated Jewelry Worth Anything?

The best kind of jewelry that you can get from this category is hands down 24 Karat Gold plated jewelry. It is the best kind and the best part is that it would last you almost a year so definitely not a bad deal to grab. 

This gold-plated jewelry is also not that expensive the maximum that you would have to pay is like a hundred dollars maximum. This is a much better deal as compared to the original thing that is going to cost you thousands of dollars.

Can You Sell Used Gold Plated Jewelry?

There is nothing that you can’t sell on this planet because there is always going to be a customer base for everything. The same goes for reselling gold-plated jewelry. 

It all depends on what condition your jewelry is in. With gold plated jewelry you have to be careful since it loses its color quickly while giving you your money’s worth. 

If your gold-plated jewelry is in good condition then you can definitely resell it but if it is not then you are going to have a hard time selling it. 

Gold-plated jewelry is definitely a huge favor for the people who love to wear gold but can’t afford it. And the best part is that you get a huge variety and designs to choose from for every type of jewelry in this as well. 

You can definitely invest in gold-plated jewelry if you feel like it. This definitely gives you a chance to wear more gold-like jewelry without actually having to pay the big bucks and worrying about your budget. 

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