Who doesn’t love gold?

It is definitely a prized possession for everyone that loves, makes an asset, or adores it as a jewelry piece.

This material has always been expensive in every era and people do keep a track of its prices since they do fluctuate from time to time but not drastically. 

The chemical symbol of this material is Au and the atomic number of it is 79, it is one of the naturally occurring materials that you can find.

This is the most malleable material of all that you can find so it becomes an ideal option for making the finest quality of jewelry. 

14 Karat Gold is the material that contains gold in it primarily but is also a blend of other materials like nickel, zinc, and copper, and also has rhodium plating. Since gold is naturally a soft element, all these other elements are there to give it a structure and shape and harden it so that it can be processed further. 

The reason why 14 Karat is called the name is that it indicates how much gold is in the gold. For 14 Karat, there is almost 58 percent gold in it and 18 Karat has 75 percent gold content. 

14 Karat is definitely expensive but since the craft of jewelry making always involves more and much more expensive materials, the prices definitely go higher. One of the expensive blends is going to be diamond and gold which makes such jewelry worth thousands to millions of dollars. 

14 Karat is definitely very much real and valuable as well but it is not gold in its entirety but 24 Karat is definitely it. Why 24 Karat is not used that frequently in jewelry making is because it is easy to scratch and bend. 

That is the reason why you would always find 14 Karat being used more with other valuable materials and that is also preferred by jewelry lovers. Also if you are out looking for a beautiful engagement ring made of 14 Karat Gold, you need to identify what’s real and who’s selling you fake in the name of this valuable material. 

While shopping for it check out the description and the tag of the ring or bracelet that you want. Outside a store, you can always find gold stamps on a piece of jewelry and this stamp is called hallmark. 

These stamps date back to the 13th century times to make sure that you are buying original gold and it also was to identify its purity of it. Although some countries don’t use stamps.

In some countries, there are ways to identify real gold and that is by rubbing it with a black and if there is no pay off then you know that it is real gold. There is a whole lot of variety of gold types and colors that you can get in 14 Karat Gold. 

There is white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. The base is the same here; the only difference lies in the composition of these kinds of 14K. 

How Much Is 14 Karat Gold Worth Now?

At this time the worth of 14 Karat Gold is 32 dollars per gram. And usually, a piece of gold jewelry is made out of a lot so you can expect the prices to go up as well. 

Generally, as compared to other valuable materials out there, Gold is still more affordable and accessible for most of the population and serves as a great value over time. 

What Is The Fair Price Of Selling Used 14K Gold?

The best way to get the maximum value of a piece of 14 Karat Gold jewel is to sell it at your nearest gold shop or retailer. Such shopkeepers tend to give you more than the scrap price of gold if the jewelry piece is finely made. 

You can easily get up to 70 percent return value of the gold jewelry depending on the size and content of gold in it. So that is why people invest in this material since it always offers great value for money. 

Before selling your gold jewelry you should always check on the economy before doing so. Keep the inflation rate in check and other factors that may influence the rates when they fluctuate. 

You can always get a good price on a fine piece of jewelry at the right shop and from the right seller. Just keep that in mind and you will be good to go. 

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