1. Affix Apparel

Affix Apparel is one of the rising manufacturers of sportswear in the United States and has been providing offerings to private brands/labels in the United States. Affix has been an outstanding sports apparel company for the past 10 years.

They have used various resources to help sportswear brands to have a well-established image in the USA.

They offer different styles of apparel which include hoodies, T-shirts, tops, jackets, and sportswear.

They believe in alignment as per a brand’s positioning and have been known for giving the best quality sportswear to them.

Their manufacturing consists of a new and unique idea that redefines sportswear. They also offer multiple services such as fabric sourcing, grading, sample designing, sampling sizing, and delivery.

They provide everything under one umbrella. They need to be given a design and the rest is their responsibility.

(323) 515-1919 | [email protected]

Website: https://affixapparel.com/

Address: 7190 W Sunset Blvd #74D Los Angeles, CA 90046

2. Lefty Production Co.

To cater to the needs of businesses in the sportswear category, Lefty Production Co. has stepped in to put forth phenomenal fashion in sportswear.

The company was established in Los Angeles and specializes in athleisure. By making use of modern equipment and technology, they have the best range of athletic wear.

They manufacture everything from athletic wear, sportswear, and activewear, to athleisure wear.

They produce using skilled craftsmen who use the best techniques at every step. Their packages are affordable along with the best quality in reasonable budgets.

They cater to the needs of their clients and manufacture sportswear as per their specifications. They also give discounts which vary from design to design.

(323) 515-9266

Website: https://www.leftyproductionco.com/athletic-and-athleisure-wear

Address:318 West 9th Street Suite #1010 Los Angeles, California 90015

3. JP Sportswear

JP Sportswear was established in Southern California four decades ago. They are known to be the providers of premium active apparel using their experience.

They have been suppliers to leading D2C brands in the United States. They manufacture sportswear that is as per the demands of the current market and is customer-driven.

323-235-5959 | [email protected]

Website: https://www.jpsportswear.us/

Address: 2645 Industry Way Lynwood, CA 90262

4. WSI Sportswear

WSI, one of the leading sportswear manufacturers, was established by Joel Wiens. The company provides the best quality sportswear available in the marketplace to fulfil the needs and demands of athletes and brands.

It was established back in 1990.

Their manufacturing process includes the latest designs, materials & innovations to create the best quality sportswear that is comfortable yet stylish.

651.994.9945 | [email protected]

Website: https://wsisports.com/

Address: 1325 Eagandale Ct. Suite 190. Eagan, MN 55121

5. Resto Apparel Manufacturing

They offer a combination of domestic as well as international manufacturing to lower the prices of sportswear that is affordable and trendy.

Their products go through a strict quality check to ensure their promise of the best quality and superior services.

They are manufacturers as well as wholesalers of top-notch sportswear.

+1 (816) 897-8887

Website: https://www.sublimatedwholesalesportswear.com/

Address: 1101 E Elmwood Kansas City MO 64127

6. Bayside

Bayside is a manufacturing company that performs all processes under a single roof. They knit sportswear, dye, and send them to market after they are cut, finished, and sown. They do this to ensure the premium quality of their sportswear.

The knitting and dyeing of fabrics are not done separately just to make sure that the entire manufacturing process is reliable, sustainable, and consistent. They make sure that their products are sustainable as well as do little harm to the environment.

They have committed to producing the best apparel at reasonable prices and in an eco-friendly way by carefully choosing their production techniques and materials.

So, Bayside can be called a sustainable sportswear manufacturer.

800-379-9969 | [email protected]

Website: https://www.astsportswear.com/homepage

Address: 2701 E. Imperial Highway, Brea, CA 92821 USA

7. Verge Sports

Verge Sports is the solution to the demanding brands.

They are one of the leading sportswear manufacturers in the USA that aims to make their customers happy without charging them a fortune.

They offer to create apparel as per the design given by the client and taking up the responsibility of working on each detail.

They also offer on-demand production via their Open Team Store option for both new and existing customers.

They have a vast range of products that are suitable for every sport. Each product is available in multiple sizes and can also be customized.

Brands looking to have the best sportswear for their athletes or customers at the best prices and good quality should consider Verge Sports as their go-to place.

+1 845-562-2500

Website: https://www.vergesport.com/gb-en/

Address:263 Route 17K Suite 2005 Newburgh, NY 11215


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