A lot of buyers are currently stressing about only buying eco-friendly fabrics, but are unable to find quality eco-friendly suppliers.

And to resolve that concern, Fashion Manufacturing has accumulated and listed the Top 7 Eco-Friendly Fabric Suppliers.

1.     BambooFabric Store

Bamboo Fabric Store Australia is a family-owned and operated business in Australia. They specialize in bamboo and bamboo blend fabrics, but they also sell bamboo garments, bamboo linen, and other bamboo items.

They are quite proud of their excellent customer service and high-quality items. Retail and wholesale consumers can purchase Bamboo’s fabrics and goods.

Bamboo Fabric Store is headquartered in Childers, Queensland, Australia, where they also operate a warehouse.

Their merchandise is mostly sold through this website, as well as phone and email.

Their goal is to give the following services:

  • High-end bamboo fabrics in a variety of weaves and knits.
  • Conduct their business in a manner that is environmentally friendly. This entails using eco-friendly packaging and obtaining cloth from a company that is committed to environmental sustainability.
  • To be a reputable bamboo fabric supplier in Australia.
  • To operate in an ethical manner. They will not buy from a company that is immoral. They will back companies that provide good working conditions for their workers.
  • Exceptional client service. They are happy if you are happy.

When they receive your money, they may send your order the same day; however, for the majority of customers, they provide next-day shipping, which means your product will arrive sooner. You can rely on them to deliver the bamboo fabric you require quickly.

Contact Info:

Address: Bamboo Fabric Store Australia, 4 Pioneer Ave, Childers QLD 4660

TEL: 07 4126 3031

Website: https://www.bamboofabricstore.com.au/

2.      Sustainable Living Fabrics

Sustainable Living Fabrics has been in the commercial textile sector for over 50 years, and all of its products are proudly developed and manufactured in Australia using Australian wool. They take great delight in producing high-quality, environmentally conscious materials created in Australia.

They design all of their fabrics in-house as a small business, giving them the ability to work closely with customers, give custom colors, and develop their ranges freely.

Because products are created locally, they can easily monitor, manage, and understand their supply chain, allowing them to prioritize transparency at all levels.

Over the years, Sustainable Living Fabrics has created and maintained a strong environmental attitude, and they continue to enhance their procedures to guarantee that their carbon impact is transparent and accountable.

The beauty of using Sustainable Living Fabrics is that you don’t have to sacrifice pricing, aesthetics, or inventiveness in order to develop a project that is environmentally friendly.

Sustainable Living Fabrics’ owner has made it their mission to combine their enthusiasm for attractive, high-quality fabrics with environmentally friendly business methods since taking over the company in 2012.

Contact Info:

Address: 7 Enterprise Court, Mulgrave, VIC Australia, 3170

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 03 8544 3500

Website: https://www.sustainablelivingfabrics.com.au/

3.      STSC. Sustainable Textile Supply Chain

The Sustainable Textile Supply Chain collaborates with a global network of fabric mills, artisans, and suppliers to encourage designers to use truly sustainable eco-textiles that have a minimal negative environmental impact and maximum positive impact on the welfare of all people involved in the supply chain.

They specialize in handloom, powerloom, and knitted fabrics that are attractive, truly sustainable, circular, natural, biodegradable, and ethical.

Organic Cotton and Banana Stem, Organic Cotton and Calotropis to make Plant “Cashmere,” Organic Cotton and Nettle, Organic Cotton and Silk, Jute and Hemp mixes, as well as Recycled Wool and Yulex and Lexcell Compostable Neoprene Foam are among their specialized textiles.

STSC also offers extra coloration processes for its fabric collection. Natural Plant Dyeing, Eco Digital Printing, AZO-Free Pantone Match Dyes, and Pure Plant Based Dyeing with Ayurvedic Medicinal Plants and Herbs are just a few of the options available.

Contact Info:

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.stscecotextiles.com/

4.      The Natural Loom

Michelle is the supplier and the brains behind the operation. She founded The Natural Loom in August 2013 with the goal of providing the greatest quality natural fabrics from all over the world.

She is now committed to offering individualized assistance for your creative project requirements.

Contact Info:

TEL: +61411549866

Website: https://www.thenaturalloom.com.au/contact/

5.      Hemp Gallery

Beatrice and her husband Ray founded Hemp Gallery with the goal of educating and informing the general public about the benefits of hemp.

They realized that the hemp sector was a wonderful fit for their personal philosophy after discovering that Hemp could provide all of their fundamental requirements, such as food, clothing, shelter, and fuel, in an environmentally friendly manner.

Hemp Market (as it was known back then) was founded in the garage of their former house in the late 1990s. They became pioneers in the Australian Hemp Industry with a small assortment of fabrics.

Over the years, more and more products have been added to the mix, including their well-known Hemp Linen collection.

As with many good things, Ray (semi) retired in 2017, allowing Nicole to join the team and steer the company in a new path.

They are ecstatic to be able to share their experience with you, and they have enjoyed watching Hemp Gallery Australia expand year after year.

They’ve now surrounded themselves with a fun and enthusiastic staff dedicated to improving the world one hemp product at a time.

Contact Info:

Email: [email protected].

TEL: 0435 543 674

Website: https://www.hempgallery.com.au/

6.      Kennard & Kennard

Kennard & Kennard is a family-owned and operated fabric distributor that has been in business for nearly 70 years, starting out as clothes merchants in Glebe, Sydney in 1949.

The company has grown to become a leading wholesaler of quilting, patchwork, and furnishing fabrics, and is now owned by the fourth generation of the Kennard family.

Kennard & Kennard is headquartered in the lovely town of Young in New South Wales.

Whether you’re seeking more choices, better quality, or simply lovely materials, or a combination of all three, Kennard & Kennard is ready to help.

Kennard & Kennard is delighted to assist others by giving fabrics to charity and other worthwhile organizations. Because of the high volume of requests, they prefer submissions from existing customers – please contact them for further information.

Contact Info:

TEL: 1800 641 901

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://kkfabrics.com.au/

7.      Vivify Textiles

Vivify Textiles is a multi-award-winning sustainable textile company that specializes in producing fabrics produced from recycled, organic, and natural fibers.

They earned the Second Hightex prize from Munich Fabric Start in 2018, and the Australian Government’s Austrade has picked them to grow into Europe. As a result, they are your go-to Sustainable Textile Supplier!

Contact Info:


TEL: (61) 468 588 488 / (41) 76 229 46 20

E-MAIL: [email protected]

Website: https://www.vivifytextiles.com/


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