Different bra shapes complement various tops, which is why it’s so important to have several options in your wardrobe. Which bras go best with which outfits? Try out the following combinations to find your favourite.

Strapless Bra With Off-Shoulder Top

Off-shoulder tops are perfect for a day at the beach or a casual party. They’re fun and flirty — and they can keep you cool during the summer.

While you can wear a regular bra underneath, not everyone likes putting their bra straps on display. If you fall into this camp, consider a strapless bra.

These hug your chest to offer support and cover your nipples. Keep in mind that strapless bras are great for every day, but they’re not meant to keep breasts in place during physical activity. You may experience bounce if you go dancing, jogging or participate in other forms of exercise.

Balconette Bra With Square Neck Tops

Square neck tops are great for showing off cleavage. However, fuller cups may peek out of this cut. If that’s not what you’re going for, you need a bra with a different cup shape.

Balconette bras have a sweetheart-shaped neckline. The result is cups with low tops that won’t interfere with a square cut. Even better, the shape makes breasts appear rounder, giving your cleavage a boost.

Bralette With a Cute Crop Top

Crop tops are popular in spring and summer, as they’re light and comfortable. Due to their short hem, there’s a chance of catching sight of your bra if you lift your arms.

While there’s nothing wrong with wearing a regular bra with a crop top, a bralette may be a better fit. For one, bralettes are incredibly comfortable due to their lack of wire. Second, bralettes provide lots of coverage and may even look like a regular top on their own. A crop top is a perfect opportunity to show off your favourite bralette.

T-Shirt Bra With Clinging Fabric Tops

The best tshirt bra is comfortable and versatile. The smooth cups render it invisible underneath clinging fabrics, so pair it with tight T-shirts and draping sweaters.

They’re also a top choice for thinner material. The lack of stitching means there’s no risk of the fabric catching, allowing you to wear your favourite top with confidence. Nude is a great choice if you want to keep your bra incognito, but you can also embrace the sheer with a cute, brightly coloured bra.

Plunge Bra With a Deep Neckline

Deep necklines are another great way to show off cleavage, but they present a similar problem as square necklines: How do you get enough support without your bra being visible? Plunge bras offer the perfect solution.

The unique cut of the cups keeps them hidden even with a deep V. With a plunge bra in your drawer, you can confidently wear a V-neck T-shirt or evening gown.

The shape of the bra affects the fit, so don’t be afraid to adjust size by style. For online purchases, a bra calculator can help. A good fit is essential to staying comfortable, so take as much time as you need to find the right size.