Toronto is one of the biggest cities in Canada and the hub for multicultural festivals and retail shops. There is a huge market for beads in the city, and various shops are situated everywhere. Many of these bead vendors prefer buying bead supplies in bulk to attain the advantages of wholesale prices and reduction in transportation costs.

The list below contains the names of one of the best bead suppliers in Toronto, so you can choose the most suitable one that fits your business’s requirements.

List Of Wholesale Beads Vendor & Suppliers In Toronto:

  • John Bead
  • Beads Town Shop 
  • Arton Beads
  • Bead Dynasty
  • Bead Works  
  • Butterfly Beads
  • Bead Fx

1. John Bead

John Bead was founded in 1954 by a young man named Fritz John, whose aim was to produce quality and elegant Czech crystals with fusions of the western culture of crafting.

He had the vision to bring two different cultures together bring new innovative designs into the DIY crafts industry. The business started as a family home store but drastically gained popularity all over Canada, thus they started selling their products online too.

John Bead has an online catalog listed on their website where you can view all their products with ease. Their extensive collection of beads includes Miyuki Delicas, Seed Beads, and Czech Fire Polished Beads!

Contact Info:

Phone: (416) 757-3287  

Email: [email protected]


Address: 20 Bertrand Ave, Toronto, ON M1L 2P4

2. Beads Town Shop

Beads Town Shop is a big wholesale mart that supplies a wide range of gemstones, bracelets, necklaces, beads, copper beads, fashion jewelry charms, jewelry supplies, and crafting tools.

The business is centered to provide the best deals and services to retail shops, resellers, and wholesale customers. They ensure that customers are well-equipped with all the knowledge about the product they want to buy, and their team is quite helpful in providing and guiding customers.

Beads Town Shop strives to provide its customers with the best quality product at the lowest prices possible. You can also contact them to become their supplier as they are always on the look for new partners to increase their collections!

Contact Info:

Phone: +1 (647) 514-9311


3. Arton Beads

Arton Beads was founded in 1988 as a big online platform to find your favorite bead supplies. Their extensive inventory is famous due to their high-quality products which are durable and made up of pure ingredients.

Their team works hard to source bead products from renowned brands from all over the world. They intend to create an endless collection of beads with a variety of bead products: so that customers have a lot of options.

Arton Beads offers free shipping on orders above $150 and gives a membership card to customers ordering in bulk above $600. The membership card has a lot of benefits including a hefty discount and coupons for the next order.

Contact Info:

Phone: 416-504-1168


Address: 523 Queen St. W, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5V 2B4.

4. Bead Dynasty

Bead Dynasty is a wholesale company that focuses on the trade of Natural Gemstone Beads, Crystals, Heishi Beads, Chains, Findings, Christmas charms, Packaging services, Pearls, Stainless steel elements, and Jewelry-making tools.

They take pride in having an expansive product inventory that can provide nearly every bead product that you require to manufacture exceptional and aesthetic jewelry pieces.

Bead Dynasty also features several inspirations from customers that have customized jewelry pieces using their supplies. They encourage people to craft their jewelry and share their designs with them to create a loving bead jewelry community.

Contact Info:

Phone: 416-759-8585

Email: [email protected]


Address: 30 Bertrand Avenue, Unit A4, Toronto, Ontario, M1L 2P5.

5. Bead Works

Bead Works is a famous bead supply shop located on B Gerrard Street in Toronto. Their shop is quite popular due to its stunning selection of beads from global brands, and their jewelry crafting classes.

Bead Works believes in the aesthetic appeal of people making their jewelry and creating beautiful designs in the market. This promotes innovation and more focus on building the craft of jewelry production.

Bead Works also provides amazing jewelry-making supplies that can help bead jewelry shops and manufacturing companies buy both products in bulk without looking elsewhere. You can visit their website and check out their extensive bead collections of metal, glass, crystal, and wood.

Contact Info:

Phone: 416-693-0780

Email: [email protected]


Address: 1322 B Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON, M4L 1Z1.

6. Butterfly Beads

Butterfly Beads is a Toronto-based wholesale bead company that also has a physical shop located on 24 Lebovic Avenue in Scarborough. They encourage people to visit their store and experience their amazing customer service and one-stop purchase.

Their online website has a variety of products including semi-precious beads, Swarovski crystal, findings, glass beads, seed beads, sterling silver jewelry, ready-made jewelry like bracelets and earrings.

Butterfly Beads will make all your bead jewelry dreams come true by ensuring you have long-lasting products and high-quality products at a competitive price.

Contact Info:

Phone: 1+(416)2977652


Address: 24 Lebovic Avenue, Unit 1A, Scarborough, Ontario

7. Bead Fx

Bead Fx is a brilliant place to buy all your bead jewelry supplies and tools as they have the best services in Toronto! An excellent customer service team that ensures all your problems are solved, including a really high turnover rate!

Their website has an option to register for their newsletter. The newsletter contains all their new collections and information about their weekly sales, beading craft classes, guest instructors, and events!

Bead Fx is not just a bead supply shop but a platform where all bead-related jewelry shop owners and retailers can rejoice in their love for bead craft and bring more innovation to the market together.

Contact Info:

Phone: +1-877-473-(2323) | +1 (416) 751-1911

Email: [email protected]


Address: 19 Waterman Ave, Unit 2 Toronto, ON M4B 1Y2.

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