UNIF is yet another one of the modern fashion brands that hit the home run with their rusty vintage vibes.

On the Instagram page of UNIF, where they boast of 1 million supporters, the label proudly asserts that it is family-owned.

Where is UNIF Located? Who Are the Founders?

UNIF was founded by Eric Espinoza and Christine Lai in 2010. It is a clothing brand based in Los Angeles, California.

The abbreviation for UNIF is “Ur Not In Fashion.” UNIF possesses a fierce aesthetic, seizing insight from the ’90s vintage and punk theaters, with a tinge of Y2K and a grunge feel.

What Type of Fashion is UNIF?

UNIF is presently stirring up the offline and online style society.

UNIF currently sells both grunge aesthetics and street-style techno-affected clothing. The group is hitting some primary mainstream markets.

The designs revolve around themes and community. It is apparent in their colorful prints and images on t-shirts that depict words like “Tech-No” and “Hell is so Hot Right Now.”

Why is the Brand So Expensive?

When something trends in today’s markets, the demand naturally gets high. This leads to the creator pricing products as he desires and not the actual market value.

This is because such items are counted as luxury items. Only those who can afford them will buy them.

And to think that this will drop their sales is a naive thought. Their sales will go up the same way as any other brand in the market if they continue to make extremely unique items and no other vendor sell such items.

In the case of UNIF, the brand does get an appreciation for its quirky designs, but as far as the general reviews are concerned, they are not pretty good.

Is the Brand Worth A Shot?

Users claim that some articles from the brand last longer, but others hardly even survive one season.

Another con of the clothing line is that they do not offer body diversity, which is especially taken negatively by plus-sized men and women. If you do not fit within the definition of an “ideal body type,” fitting issues can be a problem for you as a customer.

Their customer service has not received much praise either. Most people claim that the company’s customer service is utterly annoying and is not helpful at all.

Often when people have paid for their orders online, they end up not receiving the order.

To sum it up, if you are a person that likes to spend a luxurious amount on basic tees and casual outfits, you can shop for their products, but if you are someone who shops on a budget, this website is not for you.

If you want to own at least one funky tank top that will turn heads as you walk in, UNIF apparel is worth giving a shot!


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