Fashion is a very crucial aspect of everyone’s life, and it entails many designers and brands that try to make their products the trendsetters of the industry. 

Everyone loves wearing clothes that can express who they are, and bring out more vibrant colors and aesthetics to the person. Each individual simultaneously craves to be distinct but also follow what’s trending in the market.

Fashion brands make it a point to launch products that are made of amazing materials and intricate designs that can become a hit amongst people and be celebrated in fashion shows.

There are also retail-based brands that focus manufacturing on mass production so they can provide service to numerous retail stores and reach a far wide audience: Theory is one such brand.

Theory is a men’s and women’s modern fashion label established in New York that offers clothing and accessories. In 2014, the brand had 221 retail locations and global sales were close to $1 billion. 

The offices and flagship boutique of the firm are located in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District. Currently, the brand holds more than 489 locations all over the world and is considered the top fashion manufacturer in the region.

Regardless of their fame, many customers do question their product’s worth and ask why is their clothing so expensive? If you are also wondering the same thing, then you have come to the right place!

This article will allow you to make a better decision on whether you want to purchase Theory’s clothing and is the price tag on the item worth it.

Why is Theory clothing so expensive?

Theory clothing is actually not that expensive in comparison to its competitors in the fashion retail industry.

Theory offers high-quality clothing at affordable prices, making it available to a wider pool of consumers. Its styles are mostly sleek and casual, complete with expert tailoring and fine cuts. 

They’re also very wearable and versatile, as many of their pieces can be worn from day to night, from work to evening parties. Many of their designs are on the minimalist side, providing customers the freedom to wear and style their pieces however they see fit. 

They also provide fashion basics such as t-shirts, jeans, and other clothes that have become wardrobe must-haves.Theory apparel appears to be well-crafted and constructed of high-quality textiles. 

Solid quality clothing will last longer, and Theory’s ranges are full of really good essentials that you can wear for as long as the garments last. Therefore, it can be concluded that theory is really not expensive and the majority of their customers find their pricing quite justifiable and amazing!

Is Theory a luxury brand?

No, Theory is not considered a luxurious brand, as it’s more affordable for the masses and is directed to a much larger target audience than luxury brands. 

However, the brand does identify as a luxury brand on its website and its clothes are a balanced mix of affordable casual wear to high-priced fancy clothes and collections which are targeted at more affluent individuals in society. These clothes also follow more elitist fashion trends.

Why are Theory shirts so expensive?

Theory’s shirts are regarded as luxury wear, therefore their prices are much higher than the rest in the market. Their shirts are also made of high-quality fabric and are available in many sizes and colors.

Perhaps the biggest attraction of the shirts is the details on it which makes the shirts worth the heavy price tag as a lot of effort is put into them.

Are Theory suits worth it?

Yes, their suits look sharp, elegant, and extremely stylish. If you are a suit lover, then their fine quality suits are a must in your closet!

What is Theory clothing known for?

Theory clothing is known for its simplicity, but also fancy styles which are preferred by many people in the fashion industry. If you are seeking elegant fashion wear, Theory is a brand made for your requirements!

Theory collaborated with mentioned fast fashion firm in 2016 for a capsule collection titled “Japanese Engineering, New York Style.” 

Men’s shirts were available in four distinct styles and four different colors. The collection combined the superb materials for which Uniqlo is recognized with the professional tailoring for which Theory is known. 

It was also fairly minimalist, with no print or frills, displaying a popular aesthetic at the time of its debut. It became one of the most successful partnerships for both corporations, receiving widespread critical and financial acclaim.

Despite recent changes in creative leadership, Theory remains one of the most successful modern American fashion labels. Their products are sold at department shops such as Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s, reaching a wider audience than a typical fashion company that only sells in a few cities. 

They have gathered a loyal following of customers and consumers globally, which will help continue the history of the modern label into the future.

If you are interested in buying Theory’s fashion line, click on the link below and enjoy the variety of clothing they offer!


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