Reformation is a clothing brand that caters to women of all ages and backgrounds. Their unique designs and excellent materials make it worth the high cost. Customer satisfaction is respected, and huge customization options are also available on their website.

Reformation’s main aim is to provide customers with not only the best but sustainable products that make use of fewer raw materials that may be harmful to the environment.

The brand has many stores across the US, and its website provides customers with the luxury to order from anywhere around the world.

However, like all companies that have established themselves as big names in the business world, Reformation also tends to be pretty expensive for consumers.

This article aims at answering the question, “why is reformation so expensive?”

Background and Information

Reformation was founded by Yael Aflalo in 2009. It started as a retail shop that used to sell vintage clothes.

Ever since then, Reformation has expanded its business and now has gone worldwide through its website and many stores in US cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Santa Monica.

Reformation is a women’s eccentric clothing brand that sells products ranging from dresses to shoes. It provides customers with fast fashion that is of reasonable price and of the highest quality.

Their clothing, which is often described as simple yet elegant, makes use of fibers like linen and pure cotton and presents a huge collection of vibrant colors and unique patterns that many women may find pleasing to wear.

Who Are Its Prime Customers?

Reformation has a wide variety of customers that may range from age 16 to 55, with some options available for young girls too.

The Pricing of the Brand

Reformation, for some customers, may be expensive, but they are providing us with some of the best clothing we can find on the market. Dresses may range from $80 to up to $700.

But as stated, the quality of the products is the best as they make use of eco-friendly materials and fibers.

Reformation also has an option available for those its customers for whom price may play a big role. The option is It’s available on the website and is named Ref under $100.

Why Is It So Costly?

Reformation, as stated earlier, makes use of premium materials to ensure the product you are getting is of the highest quality, comfortable to wear, and looks elegant.

To make this happen, Reformation makes use of grade A and grade B materials and fibers for 75% of its clothing products.

These fibers may include TENCEL, pure cotton, linen, and viscose. These fibers are an excellent choice for making clothing products as the clothes become super comfortable, breathable, and fashionable.

Reformation is heavily invested in making its brand sustainable, so the processes they have employed are not only better for the environment but make sure that they conserve natural resources like water and non-renewable energy as much as possible.

Because their manufacturing process is so highly optimized, it’s only natural that their end product is more expensive compared to brands that employ inadequate practices in their processes to minimize cost.

Production and Sustainability

Reformation is all about how we limit the way we may negatively impact our environment. They are strong believers in making their products sustainable and endurable.

In October 2017, they introduced sustainable Ref Jeans and claimed the company has conserved over 40 million gallons of water.

Reformation ingeniously placed a Ref Scale beside the clothes on their website to make it known to a viewer how much CO2 is being saved and how much water is being conserved if you are purchasing this item from them instead of some other company.

They are recycling old and used clothes to make new and better products out of them it.

Reformation claims to have been carbon neutral and even makes use of wind electricity.

Is it worth it?

We can argue that they may be costly, but it is worth it considering the incredible work and resources they have put into their products.


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