Mountain trekking and exploration of the wild are one of the best experiences in the world. It allows people overall improved fitness, reduces stress, and allows more social development.

However, they also require a lot of hard work, durable clothing, and protective gear to avoid any type of injury.

Rab is a famous British manufacturer of climbing and mountaineering gear and equipment. Rab Carrington, a Scottish climber, launched the company in 1981 and continues to provide an amazing set of clothing and accessories to make explorers’ journeys easy.

Rab has a strong history and transformation that led to their limelight in the industry, and also leaves them to be bought by Equip Outdoor Technologies, along with competitor Lowe Alpine.

The following contains Rab’s origin and shift of ownership since its creation in 1981. 

Rab Carrington (born 1947 in Glasgow) dedicated himself to rock climbing and mountaineering in the late 1960s and early 1970s, leading excursions to the Alps and Himalayas. 

He participated in an adventure to Patagonia, Argentina, in 1973, but when his party arrived in Buenos Aires, they discovered that their climbing equipment had not been sent from Liverpool owing to a dock strike. 

Carrington stayed in Argentina for six months to learn how to construct sleeping bags after being unable to begin the adventure without his equipment.

Carrington returned to Sheffield because of its closeness to the Peak District, and in 1980, he began hand-stitching and selling his own sleeping bags from his house’s attic.

As demand for his sleeping bags expanded, Carrington created Rab and relocated manufacturing to a facility in Sheffield the following year.

Carrington’s clothing was inspired by his climbing expertise and focuses on lightweight, durable, and high-quality items.

Carrington finally retired in 2007, and after this Equip Outdoor Technologies bought the company to continue their legacy and high-quality products to their customers. Throughout these years, many people have questioned the worth of the brand, and the true quality of their products.

Why is Rab clothing so expensive?

Rab is well-known to produce amazing quality products that were highly durable and also quite aesthetic to look at, and many customers love buying their clothing guaranteeing a satisfying experience.

Although, in the years after their transition of ownership, the quality of their clothing has changed, but still remains a preferred choice amongst people.

Is Rab Clothing high quality?

Rab’s trekking jackets, sleeping bags, and expedition apparel are made using European goose and duck down that has been certified to the Responsible Down Standard. 

In order to decrease water saturation, the down used in clothes and sleeping bags is treated with a fluorocarbon-free water repellent treatment. 

Rab, like practically every other coat company, employs synthetic insulation, both alone and in combination with down. In conclusion, it is certain that Rab’s clothing and products are made of high quality.

Is Rab Clothing a good brand?

A good brand is identified by its production process, its identity, and the quality of its products. Rab’s is a brilliant brand that has made a deliberate effort in recent years to minimize its carbon footprint and become a net-zero emissions firm. 

They’ve accomplished this by optimizing their production in order to cut carbon emissions. They’ve also chosen to employ higher-quality, environmentally friendly materials. 

The firm also uses “small-batch” manufacturing. That is, they do not immediately overproduce their products. Instead, they manufacture small quantities to sell and then make more of the goods that are in high demand.

This strategy decreases the amount of Rab goods that wind up in landfills as a result of not being sold. Rab has been going strong for four decades and is on its way to being a premier mountain gear supplier. 

Is Rab gear good?

Yes, Rab’s gear is said to be one of the best equipment for mountain trekking and also exploring the wilderness. In the olden times, the brand’s gear was a hit and the talk of the town.

Currently, many customers have started complaining about the quality of Rab’s bags. Their sleeping bags have poor stitching quality, and after taking over Integral Designs and relocating production to China, the quality of their goods has declined. 

Therefore, it is important to note that the transition of the brand has led to some changes in fabric and stitching! So, next time you are opting to buy their sleeping bags or equipment, keep it in mind.

Is a Rab jacket worth it?

Yes, many experts have given amazing reviews on Rab’s jackets. Their jackets are very light, compressible, and give warmth to protect customers from extreme climates.

While not waterproof, their jackets are extremely water-resistant and also comfortable, weightless, and compact. 

If you are interested in buying Rab’s products, do check out their website from the link below!


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