When you explore shopping sites or anything, there are some clear price differences in a lot of categories.

Like women’s bottoms would cost more than men’s, which to this date we don’t understand why. 

The same goes for standard clothing and plus-size clothing.

It is not necessary that only a big girl or boy would shop for plus size clothing but also some just buy it for how comfortable it is. 

The price differences here are drastic if you must know or haven’t looked these up ever.

Plus size clothing is perfect for curvy people but to see the same top-priced twice as much as the standard size one, puts a lot of people off. 

There were times when there were actually little to no brands providing the plus-size category in the first place.

But to be this expensive and not even being luxury sometimes really is not a progressive move on the brand’s end. 

The reason given for this matter is that plus-size clothing takes up more cloth than the standard one. More fabric, skill, and also labor are put into making these clothes considering that a brand wants to deliver the same quality as the standard size one. 

Prices of all the clothing that we see are dependent on a lot of factors like the type and quality of the fabric, the labor and skills that are necessarily needed for the design part, the amount of time used up in the production, and also with different cuts that a clothing piece comes in. 

Does Plus Size Clothing Cost More To Make?

It is rather a marketing or business tactic that tells us that plus-size clothing for every cut and design takes up more cloth but that is not true. Some of the clothes in the plus-size category take up the same amount of cloth as the standard size. 

This very fact is sadly hardly ever mentioned to the consumers. With the plus-size clothing that requires the same amount of cloth as the standard one, it is not justified to sell these at higher prices. 

With the ever-evolving fashion industry, new cuts and designs are being introduced and the industry is pretty adaptive as well. So this basically makes sure to use the maximum amount of fabric for every body type and should not have any discrimination on any level. 

The second reason why plus size clothing is expensive is because of the comparison to standard size clothing. Plus size clothes are always looked at through the measuring tape and not as an individual collection. 

Whether it be fashion or comfort, every plus-size shirt or dress would be compared to the “normal” size of clothing and this very fact really ruins it for people. Fashion and clothing needs of bigger girls or boys are always compared to the standard size and this kind of overlooks the actual needs of these kinds of clothes. 

The important question here is how even smaller or the normal size can be a reference point for people with more clothing needs due to heavy body mass? This entire process is to accumulate more and more profits from plus-size clothing without having to justify logically why it is happening in the first place. 

There are so many other factors that can be considered a reason for the high price points of these plus-size clothing but for some reason size is the only highlight here. Skill and techniques for making clothes are one of the primary factors to consider when it comes to prices. 

Simple designs and cuts should be costing less for both standards and plus since it takes equal time and effort for both. If you think that no one is in power to control, we would highly disagree with that one. 

Fashion brands and designers have the complete autonomy to control all of the other price factors and with that, the final prices can be controlled. 

Fat Tax is a big dilemma that affects people with high body mass. It is quite sad the big girls and boys have to pay more just because they are big. 

Most of the time people who have high body mass, suffer from genetic issues and also eating disorders that really make it worse for them while shopping. This very fact of expensive clothing is not very empathetic nor comforting for the buyers.

Is There A Demand For Plus Size Clothing?

Yes in many countries around the world there is a huge demand for plus-size clothing among men and women. This is not just confined to simple tee or pants but also fancy clothes for both genders. 

Why Is It Hard To Find Plus Size Clothing?

Most of the time brands lack the ability and skill to manufacture clothes for big people and the fact it costs them more fabric is the reason why it is not sold that much. 

Although this may be true for some brands out there but with fashion evolving over the years, this very fact is not very progressive either. Sadly it is that fashion still to this date lacks experience in manufacturing clothing that is inclusive of all body types and sizes. 

If you are a big girl or a big boy, it may be hard to find the right fit for you and if you do then the prices are always way too much for a simple shirt even. 

There are a few brands that are trying to change that but this very phenomenon is still something that a lot of people are dealing with as fashion experts and consumers. 

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