Most people see Drake and hear his songs in their heads. However, there is more to the celebrity than his beautiful rap ringing in your ears: it’s his aesthetic style of clothing which he officially started a brand to share with his growing fans.

October’s Very Own (OVO) is a Toronto-based lifestyle brand founded in Canada. Aubrey “Drake” Graham, Oliver El-Khatib, and Noah “40” Shebib founded the company in 2008. 

OVO creates high-quality clothes, outerwear, accessories, and home items influenced by its Canadian heritage. Born from the imaginations of Drake and his right-hand man Oliver El-Khatib, the brand began at the bottom and has since grown into a well-known label and apparel brand, with its distinctive owl emblem being worn all over the world. 

Before the development of the brand, Drake was getting traction primarily through his expanding music career (as well as his acting expertise, shoutout Wheelchair Jimmy), but it rapidly became evident that the Toronto-born tycoon desired so much more. 

Initially, like many of their contemporaries, Drake and El-main Khatib’s form of communication and marketing to reach customers was an OVO MySpace profile and blog, where content connected to their music was posted.

OVO has extended its services by initiating collaboration with Nike’s Jordan brand, Canada Goose, and others on high-end limited-edition pieces. For example, their joint ventures have produced a $5,000 black leather coat with 24-karat gold hardware which is popular to this day.

Every single collaboration brand done with OVO has been a huge success, and it frequently sells out in hours, if not minutes, from the stores: a terrific indicator of how far the brand has come.

In an interview with a magazine, Oliver El-Khatib claimed that the company began out of a necessity and need and currently is serving. It shows how well efficiently people have organized and run their operations. The company provides nothing but excellent quality and that’s proven by the good reviews!

“There was a lot of traveling in different climates, so they needed practical, versatile garments that looked stylish while also being recognizable to security as well as at business meetings. El-Khatib also has spoken openly about their future which is to open more stores specifically in the Middle East.

Why is OVO Clothing so expensive?

Many individuals in fashion would call OVO clothing highly expensive, but it does have a truth to its varying quality in the market. There are fakes in the market which advertise themselves as the real brand which can make people question their worth too.

In the end, Ovo Clothing is expensive due to the materials invested in it, labor costs, and time spent in the production of the finished products. No one can doubt there is a high cost involved in every step which explains the end clothing item being so expensive.

The OVO merch store claims that things are created in the United States or Canada, although this might be deceptive advertising. Many brands sell products manufactured in other countries such as China to reduce costs but advertise it as a USA-based production.

The shop now states Made in the USA, as seen here. Nonetheless, many of their products speak otherwise. For example, their popular scarf tag reads “Made in China,” and many customers have pointed out this concern in reviews!

How Much is OVO clothing worth?

OVO’s brand adds an extra $100 to clothing or a roughly 200 percent markup. People cannot assume that this is true for the other items, but because OVO produced $50 million in sales last year, we may estimate that $33 million came from brand value.

Other than that the brand’s T-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, and accessories emblazoned with the star’s iconic owl insignia range in price from $12 to $168.

 Is OVO expensive?

Yes, OVO clothing is expensive if you compare it to others in the market. The prices of their clothing items including shoes and accessories are significantly higher in comparison to other brands in the same field!

 Does Drake own OVO clothing?

Drake established OVO as a firm in California in 2015, declaring himself as a general partner before handing up that role to El-Khatib in a subsequent filing. 

Drake acknowledged a 60 percent stake in the brand’s British affiliate through a business he owns in a May 2018 regulatory filing in the UK.

 Is OVO clothing popular?

Seeing all of the social media coverage of the brand is a direct reflection regarding OVO’s increasing popularity as a fashion label. It also points to the tremendous measures rapper Drake and his crew have taken to create not only garments but a subculture that is now appreciated by some on a worldwide scale. 

OVO’s strong internet presence aids the coat maker; the company has 1.3 million Instagram followers, with Drake’s account generating an additional 74.3 million followers.

You can find a range of their clothing on their official website linked below!


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