Jordan Clothing is one of the best well-known brands in the sports industry. They are a representative of the great basketballer named Michael Jordan. 

MJ is the stronghold behind the concept of Air Jordan shoes, and the start of a million-dollar business and successful global brand. Before he had his brand, MJ was just a youngster from North Carolina who liked to play basketball. 

The Tar Heels, the basketball team of the University of North Carolina, were the only thing standing in his path. Jordan was not even able to play for UNC at this point owing to his age and academic standing. However, MJ did not back down and remained persistent.

Later, MJ chose to avoid all falling out of the sports game by joining the team as a walk-on. He finally worked his way into the starting lineup and was named to the varsity squad before he had ever played in a single game. 

Needless to say, this helped to put Jordan on the map. 

Unfortunately, his national renown meant that he had to cope with even more pressure when it came to putting on his shoes for the big game.

This is where Adidas plays its big role as they were the first business to support him and design shoes expressly for his game. Back then, it wasn’t all that usual for players to play basketball in Adidas, but Michael is one of very few that persisted with them. 

Eventually, he won their hearts and even managed to add his unique touch by writing “Jordan” on the heel of each sneaker he wore. This helped him acquire even more exposure and lay the groundwork for what would later become the Air Jordan brand.

Currently, the Jordan brand consists of a range of products such as shoes, apparel, and even accessories! However, many customers still question the clothing’s quality and worth of materials. If you are among the confused individuals: you have come to the right place!

In this article, you can learn a lot about this brand and decide whether their clothes are worth your money or not!

Why are Jordan clothes so expensive?

One obvious reason Jordan clothing is expensive is the branding of the product. you are not just buying a shirt or jeans, it is the association with Micheal Jordan’s image and the brand’s worth and how the company manufactures and advertises its legendary apparel.

The company does officially state the higher prices are due to their labor efforts and the amazing raw materials used in their products that require a higher manufacturing cost than most brands! Many customers are okay with their prices and redeem them justifiable.

Why is Nike apparel so expensive?

Fabric and other raw material prices have soared due to insatiable demand, import fees, and rising salaries. According to recent statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, sneaker costs have been gradually growing over the last year, and those prices might rise much more in the coming years.

If you choose to buy carefully, the quality of Nike products is well worth it. Nike cherishes the quality and dependability of its products and strives to improve its customer’s sporting experience. Their fabric is comfortable, stretchable, and highly soft for people!

Nike, in general, makes responsible use of resources through innovation and capable technology. In addition, the firm invests in training to provide safe working conditions for better and more secure manufacturing. 

EVA, Polyester, and Flyleather are their primary derived materials.

Is Jordan still owned by Nike?

Nike, by far the most apparent branch of ownership, controls a sizable chunk of the Jordan brand. Phil Knight and his firm, Nike, signed a $500,000 contract to be Jordan’s official shoe sponsor in 1984. His contracts with Nike, on the other hand, became a source of contention over time.

However, Micheal Jordon still tried to remain the leading stakeholder of the brand. Jordan said in 2006 that he will purchase out Nike’s remaining 49 percent ownership of the Jordan brand. 

This move allowed him to become the principal shareholder of his trademark firm, which he said would give him more creative control over the Jordans brand. Michael Jordan’s total net worth is now estimated to be $1.65 billion.

Michael Jordan eventually developed his firm after issues with Nike arose: he owns the brand and is the only person other than Nike who can use the name “Jordan” on items. 

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