KMD Brands, originally Kathmandu Holdings, is a worldwide outdoor, lifestyle, and sports corporation whose renowned brands include Kathmandu, Rip Curl, and Oboz. Kathmandu, a Certified B Corp, was formed in 1987 in New Zealand and specializes in excellent travel and adventure clothes and equipment.

Kasthamandap, which also stands in the Durbar Square, inspired the Nepali name Kathmandu. Kha (Sanskrit: ) means “wood” and Maapa (Sanskrit: ) means “pavilion” in Sanskrit.

The name gives more depth to the meaning of the company and brings more value to its concept of bringing charity to Nepali children.

Kathmandu provides high-quality goods with a purpose, driven by innovation, and best for people and the environment. All the brand’s products are designed exclusively for the outdoors and have been tested by professionals in the field.

Everyone loves being outdoors, and to enjoy the beautiful scenery. There are also many activities one can explore outside including a range of sports and hiking adventures. However, it is always a risk if you go outside without protection and proper gear.

Kathmandu identifies this need and builds a whole platform that carries a number of amazing outdoor wear such as clothing, fleece jackets, leggings, sports apparel, and gears to protect and arm yourself.

They clearly have accomplished a lot and transformed their business into a brilliant distributor.

The brand ‘Kathmandu’ has its central head office in Christchurch, New Zealand, and is considered one of the most popular brands in Australia and New Zealand.

Kathmandu also produces high-quality equipment for adventure sports like trekking and mountain climbing.

Sustainability lies at the heart of the ‘Kathmandu’ brand and culture. 

They are committed to conducting responsible and moral business practices such as fair trade, equitable pay and treatment of employees, and the use of ethically handled and organic products.

Furthermore, they are working to make their product outlets more environmentally friendly by employing environmentally friendly materials. 

In addition, the bags are now made from recycled water bottles, and the company is striving for zero waste in landfills.

Regardless of its rising fame, the brand still receives many complaints and remarks regarding the authenticity of its quality. They also question whether their clothes are too expensive and worth it.

 This article will answer all your queries regarding the brand, so it’s easier for you to decide whether to purchase clothing from them or not!

Why is Kathmandu clothing so expensive?

It’s because the apparel is of high quality and lasts a long time. 

Furthermore, the majority of the apparel is specialized climbing gear, which makes it pricey.

To determine the brand’s product, it is important to consider not only the price but also the value it provides. Considering Kathmandu imports all of its products from abroad, the shipping cost matters too, as the manufacturing expenses of the product.

Furthermore, pricing is influenced by a variety of things. Kathmandu offers a range of clothing items, priced higher than their nearest competitors: it’s mainly because they consider their brand to be better in terms of market position and consumer loyalty.

Is Kathmandu overpriced?

The quality of products is always what determines the worth of a brand’s price, and Kathmandu is known for its amazing fabric and fleece jackets that never rip and are extremely long-lasting. However, none of their products are made in New Zealand or Australia.

Instead of their regions, All Kathmandu items are sourced in Asia before being supplied to Lyttelton Port by Container Vessels.

The equipment is then trucked to Kathmandu’s Distribution Centre in Heathcote before being delivered to the company’s 47 shops across New Zealand and online clients.

In the end, the quality is still not compromised as the brand claims to have a very strict quality check on all their items that are kept in the distribution center before delivery to shops. Therefore, you will never be disappointed shopping from them!

Why is Kathmandu expensive?

Kathmandu is expensive as it’s more than just a clothing brand, it’s an identity of a business that is sustainable and works for the betterment of the environment and people.

The best part? They actually do help people, rather than writing it on their websites!

Is Kathmandu a New Zealand brand?

Yes, Kathmandu is a New Zealand brand that incorporates a Nepali name due to its mission to help children in Nepal to have more proper concrete schools, and for their community to live a better lifestyle that is healthy.

Is Kathmandu a Nepali brand?

No, Kathmandu is not a Nepali brand, but its charitable services in Nepal are applauded by the whole world. 

If you want to support a sustainable and generous brand like Kathmandu, then do go to the link below and purchase away!


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