Jewelry comprises decorative items worn for personal embellishments such as brooches, rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants, and bracelets. It represents wealth, power, and status.

In historical China, jewelry was composed of jade, silver, gold, clay, stones, and coins, but Jade was the most popular of all. Chinese gold jewelry and ornaments are generally made of 24k gold.

Many people who have an interest in jewelry will know that jewelry in China is relatively cheap. Many people just don’t understand this. This article is intended to clarify this statement. There are many factors involved in the lower prices of jewelry in China.

Specifications of gold jewelry in China

If talking specifically about gold jewelry, China’s gold is cheap because the purity of gold is 999 or 9999. The main explanation is that Chinese gold is simple in style and distinct in process complexity, giving rise to different processing costs.

For instance, in some large brand shops, the brand effect is also part of the reason for the elevated price. That’s why China’s gold is cheap.

Usage of cadmium in Chinese jewelry

Jewelry makers in China use numerous materials to carve jewelry. They utilize gold, silver copper, pearl, turquoise, crystal, glass, and jade. But the secret behind the inexpensiveness of jewelry is that they use a cheap metal known as “cadmium”.

Cadmium is shiny, strong and malleable at room temperatures. In addition to these properties, it offers cut-rate goods that lessen the cost price of jewelry for buyers.

China’s enormous market

One of the most prominent reasons as to why jewelry production in China is cheap is scale. China is an enormous market and is working as a factory for the world in most products. This makes it effortless to scale.

China’s industrial output

As we know that China is a world leader in industrial output incorporating mining and ore processing, refined metals, petroleum, cement, coal and chemicals. This is also a contributing factor to the cheaper cost of jewelry.

Lower labor costs in China 

China specializes in manufacturing due to its low labor costs. They have a powerful business ecosystem, lack regulatory compliance, meager taxes & duties, and competitive currency practices.

Self-production in China

China’s gold jewelry manufacturing involves self mining, self-production, and self-marketing. So, the overall cost price is lower than other brands in the world.

China’s infrastructure 

The Chinese government has hugely invested in infrastructure, which has lowered the costs of production and transportation of jewelry.

Developed jewelry market

One of the most important reasons why China is able to cut down excess costs on jewelry is due to the expansion of the jewelry market. The Chinese market is directed by 24-karat gold jewelry, which holds about 85% of the market interest.

Prompt production on time 

Progressed technologies and heavy investment in machinery results in quick production processes. They specialize in manufacturing the best quality practical designs of jewelry at low prices.


If you have been searching for affordable and high-quality jewelry, and you were doubtful about whether you should purchase from China or not, this article shares crucial insights into buying jewelry from China 

From the detailed information shared above, you know that China supplies authentic gold jewelry at cheap prices, proceed to go shopping for your new jewelry addition to your collection.

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