We all have been there where it’s way too expensive to shop for your favorite looks and they are just so expensive for most people to afford. The thing with expensive clothing is that you want it badly but at the same time we look for ways to replicate it or to even get hands-on with the knock-off versions of it. 

Uniqlo is a Japanese brand that is considered expensive if you are on a budget and especially if you have recently started living alone. Let’s be honest, managing bills along with keeping up with the fashion trends is not everyone’s ball game. 

But a sister label of Uniqlo is GU which is not as expensive as the parent company is. The clothing is affordable and buying a couple of shirts and pants every month would do you a huge favor. 

People are always into modern and easygoing styles of fashion and if it is not affordable, thrifting is always an option. But the problem is that you just can’t find the desired design, style, or even size for that matter here. 

And with so much going on, not everyone has hours and hours to spend shopping. And with Japanese Clothing you just can’t find the right size for your bust area or if you are an overall big person. 

This is where the brand GU comes in with the solution to everyone’s fashion problems. The brand offers you an amazing variety of fabulous Fashion pieces at an affordable price point. 

Even though GU is part of the expensive brand we all know called Uniqlo, it is a cheaper option and you would find both brands side by side. The best part is that, unlike North American clothes, these are available in XS to XXL sizes which means so much more room that lets your body feel comfortable and relaxed. 

Is GU Clothing Expensive?

No, GU clothing is not expensive at all and it is quite popular among the people who like to shop on a budget. 

For winter options, you can easily get a good decent coat for under 2900 yen which is super affordable and the quality is reasonable as well. And while you are in Tokyo, it is better that you invest in something less thick because the winters are not too intense. 

For that very reason, layering is the best option. The basics like shirts here are the best because you can get them for 1000 yen and the same goes for some tank tops as well. 

With the cold weather, the GU winter collection is highly recommended by the people who shop here regularly. This brand has these cotton shirts that have a slight fuzz inside that makes it feel like you’re wearing a blanket. 

Whatever you are looking for you can get here for much more affordable prices than you actually think. Don’t let the parent company fool you, because you can get dresses, pants, sweaters, and cardigans for like 1500 yen which is so much more affordable. 

Is GU A Good Brand?

The brand is pretty good for people who like to shop cheaply. And the collections here are of amazing quality and the variety is definitely mind-blowing. 

You cannot get a better deal anywhere in Tokyo other than this brand. 

Are GU And Uniqlo The Same?

Uniqlo is an expensive Japanese brand that is not affordable by the majority of people. Whereas, GU is a sister label of this brand that is the total opposite and sells reasonable quality clothes at an affordable price point. 

The collections at GU are not just clothes but there are also a wide variety of intimates as well. These are super practical and affordable and the best part is that even though these are reasonable quality, they are super comfortable. 

The accessories here are something that you can literally have fun with while shopping here. There is a huge selection of bags, shoes, and jewelry that is not overpriced and again are of decent quality. 

You can obviously go online and start shopping right now. The brand has its stores across Japan and is actually very popular for the above-mentioned reasons. 

So next time you think about putting together a formal or casual look, remember GU and how awesome the collections this brand holds for you with such amazing affordable prices. 

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