Gant also referred to as GANT, is a Swedish apparel company based in Stockholm, Sweden. Bernard Gantmacher created the firm in 1949, and the business was initially located in central New Haven, Connecticut. 

Currently, Gant is present in 70 markets and sells its products through over 4000 merchants and Gant stores throughout the world. GANT, GANT Diamond G, and GANT Rugger are the three collections of “House of Gant.”

Their main headquaters is in Stockholm, Sweden which looks over all their global operations.

Gant has a very inspiring heritage which shows its core values and transformation from a T-shirt selling business to a global conglomerate with over 583 locations. They also offer a range of products such as Accessories, Clothing, Footwear, Housewares, Glasses, and Watches.

Gant has a really prominent history that begins with a young Ukrainian lad seeking a better life who traveled to America, fell in love, achieved success, and forever revolutionized American fashion. 

Berl Gantmacher was a miller’s son from Miropol, Ukraine, who had already made his way from the Russian Empire to Rotterdam by the time he was a teenager.

He traveled west from there, boarding the Holland America Line vessel S.S. Potsdam and sailing to New York City, and eventually to Ellis Island.

He also changed his name from Berl to Bernard, as many other immigrants had done before him. Furthermore, he enrolled in night school at Columbia University’s College of Pharmacy but worked in the city’s busy Garment District during the day, which helped him develop his business spirit and taught him how to tailor. 

Bernard enlisted in the US Army and traveled to fight in France when the First World War broke out. Later on, he returned to New York after finishing his military duty with a newfound resolve to achieve.

Eventually, he created the Par-Ex Shirt Company in Brooklyn with his partner Morris Shapiro. 

For other companies, such as Brooks Brothers, Par-Ex produced superior shirts. The new business was a success, and the Par-Ex Shirt Company moved to upmarket New Haven, Connecticut in 1927.

Bernard’s journey from struggling as a tailor to becoming the owner of a leading global manufacturer and retailer is inspiring knowledge for people.

Why is Gant clothing so expensive?

Gant identifies as a premium brand that has a strong design and manufacturing team, therefore the majority of its clothing items are quite expensive and worth the price.

Their clothes are made up of high-quality materials which are durable and strong. The company also spends a lot of money on researching and developing the clothing products: an approximate six months are required by the design team to bring forth such intricate, sophisticated, and elegant outfits for customers.

Gant clothing is expensive as they choose to incorporate products and processes which make the finest quality fabric and stitching. Once you buy an item from their store, you always keep going back for more.

Is Gant a quality brand?

Gant is a high-end brand, that focuses its manufacturing on producing the best quality apparel and accessories. A luxury brand is for those who want to feel unique and are willing to spend a lot of money on something they may or may not use. 

A premium brand caters to people who are willing to spend more for a product that they might acquire for less elsewhere, and their central emphasis is always to employee researchers and innovative designers that can make their product better with every new launch.

Is Gant a popular brand?

Yes, Gant is one of the most famous brands globally with branches in numerous countries such as Russia, Portugal, Finland, Israel, Australia, Canada, France, Spain, South Korea, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and even the UAE. 

Their list of locations is endless, and this can give you the best picture of the brands’ popularity. More specifically, Gants is quite a hit among guys. Men in their forties are the primary purchasers, but also younger middle-aged men rely on their clothing items to dress pleasantly.

Gant’s simple aesthetic is also favored by front row members like Day, as well as globally renowned celebrities like Ryan Gosling, Ashton Kutcher, Ben Affleck, and Ryan Reynolds.

Are Gant clothes made in China?

Yes, Gant manufactures several of its items in China, including polos, shirts, jackets, undergarments, socks, and jeans. However, officially the company does not disclose its sourcing policies or methods. 

It is still reported by many experts that the majority of their manufacturing sources are located in Malaysia, India, and the United States.

Where does Gant clothing come from?

Gant’s clothing comes from their sources abroad but is directly shipped from warehouses located in their retail-centric shops: therefore none of the quality is compromised.

If you want to purchase their simple but beautiful clothing items, then go to the link below, choose your region, and shop away!


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