Express, Inc. is a fashion chain retailer based in the United States that mostly serves young men and women.

The company is based in Columbus, Ohio, but delivers all across the United States. Express has over 500 stores all over the states, including Puerto Rico, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

Express is owned by Timothy G. Baxter, who also aspires to create a bigger platform for the apparel business and expand its product lines even further.

The company is one of the highest-earning retailers in the United States, adding up to about 1.87 billion USD annually. Express also has numerous employees approximately 10,000 as calculated in the year 2021.

They are a fashion-forward clothing company and a trend settler of the fashion industry who’s mission is to instill confidence and encourage self-expression.

They offer dress lovers, manufacturers, movers, and shaker apparel intended for real-life adaptability, from wardrobe necessities to the current trends.

Express is the answer to all your fashion problems in life: with their product line, you have access to thousands of items that can make your daily outfits supreme.

However, many customers raise questions about the high cost of Express’s clothing and try to find reasons to justify the apparel’s price tag.

In this article, you can get your answers and also learn more about the company to decide whether you want to buy their products or not.

Why Is Express Clothing So Expensive?

Express clothing is certainly not that expensive. According to most customers, express prices are generally reasonable due to their high-quality production of clothes and accessories.

The key to identifying a good brand is through its manufacture of products, and inspecting the fabric that is used in its apparel. 

Well, when it comes to express clothing: the fabric is quite durable and lasts for more than its use.

Considering Express is a retail brand for trending clothes in the industry, the majority of its collections are launched quickly.

Customers also buy their products repeatedly to follow the mainstream fashion, therefore their clothes are purchased in the manner of a fast-fashion brand. 

Is Express considered expensive?

No, Express’s clothing is not considered expensive, a bit pricey than other retail stores, maybe. Yet, not expensive for daily wear and releasing chic outfits.

Their clothes are worth the purchase as the stores normally have sales all year round, and the clothes do last a decent amount of time.

Many customers praise their shirts for being stitched well and have a great fitting for various body types, especially women.

They also offer a brilliant collection of button-up professional office shirts which are quite expensive but worth the quality and hype.

Who manufactures Express clothing?

Express is a large-scale retail business, therefore many of its products are sourced from factories in various countries.

This also enhances their collection with diversity as there is an inspiration from cultures and trends of apparel designs. 

Express’s website also claims that they directly supply their stores from the product manufacturers, and go through an intensive and strict process of collecting the products, delivering them to the warehouse, and then to the various retail stores in the United States.

Their team is dedicated ensures every product is up to the standard and they follow all relevant laws, rules, and regulations.

Their authorized suppliers must provide written confirmation that they adhere to the EXPRESS Supplier Code of Conduct.

What brands are similar to Express?

Express mainly makes fashionable clothing for young adults and teenagers.

Other brands similar to express and their ideology are TOPSHOP, REVOLVE, EVERLANE, ALLSAINTS, DKNY, MANGO, STEVE MADDEN, and J. Crew Factory.

All of these brands are quite hip and serve clothes that are also in the fashion market and demanded by the mainstream media. 

What age group is Express clothing for?

Express is a specialty retailer of men’s and women’s apparel and accessories: It targets the younger demographic aged 20 to 30 years old.

Express clothing is made for young adults, especially people who are old enough to earn their own money and purchase fashionable products. 

If you are looking for a fashion retail store that is actually quite reasonable and serves trendy clothes and accessories: try Express and join the community of contemporary mod people!  

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