If you are a quality over quantity kind of person then you definitely would have heard of the Eton brand. Preferring quality is actually a good principle to keep in mind if you are building yourself a wardrobe. 

For some reason, men do not need that many clothes to look good and a few quality pieces can actually be enough. When we talk about quality, button-up shirts are the ultimate choice that pops to mind for being a must-have item for men. 

Eton is one of the luxury shirt-making brands and the prices here are extravagant. This brand has its products in more than 100 stores and that too around the globe so it won’t be a surprise that a huge number of people are familiar. 

This premium brand has been in the fashion industry for almost 100 years now and has definitely mastered the art of clothes and other items. The shirts here are the stand-out product but they are extremely expensive. 

For some, the prices here are just not worth going for but for some people, it is all about what they are getting here at high prices. 

Is Eton A Luxury Brand?

Well, most definitely Eton is the best brand to go for if you are big on shirts and that too quality shirts. A simple off-the-rack shirt would cost you almost 300 to 400 dollars which is quite steep for just an off-the-rack. 

There are definitely perks of shopping here from a quality standpoint. Most of the time when you go shirt shopping you get two choices for the fitting.

At Eton, you get 4 fittings options that give you a lot of time and type to experiment with according to your body type. The size guide here is very detailed and you get a good quality fitting for every shirt you try on. 

The quality of the fabric is pretty impressive here as well. This clothing brand sources the clothing materials from Alibini Group which is an Italian company known for providing the best quality materials for shirts. 

If you ever had the chance to get a good quality shirt or a high end dress shirt, chances are pretty high that it was sourced from this company. What makes Eton the best is its commitment to delivering excellent quality. 

This brand is known for putting in the maximum effort to providing high-quality materials for the clothes and also for investing in advanced technology to make sure that the manufacturing goes smoothly. 

These shirts are comfortable, breathable, feel like a luxury, and are of premium quality so you know that you paid money for the right thing. 

The shirts here are not flimsy at all and it is made sure that these last for the longest time you would want. 

The seams and the stitching of these are very detailed and give a very sturdy look and feel to the shirts. The buttons used here are fastened with extra care and precision which is not very common for brands. 

Do Eton Shirts Have Mother Of Pearl Buttons?

Since Eton is all about providing the ultimate levels of quality and high-end materials there is a blend of different kinds that you would experience while getting these shirts. The buttons used in the shirts here have a mixture of resin, Mother of pearl, and plastic in it making them stand out among all others. 

Do Eton Shirts Shrink?

While all good quality shirts have a natural tendency to shrink, Eton Shirts also shrink slightly. The pique shirts here especially shrink up to 5 percent after the first wash. 

It is recommended that while washing the shirt for the first time, one should stretch them so that it would fit properly. 

The prices here are definitely way too much for you to get a decent shirt that you can honestly get from anywhere for that matter. 

But with expensive luxury brands, you know that you would be investing in something that would last you for ages for starters. Once you get the shirt, it would have the perfect look and feel just the way you wore it the first time. 

So if you feel like splurging on a good quality brand then go ahead because at the end of the day it all depends on what you can afford and like at the same time. 

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