Affliction Clothing is a renowned American clothing manufacturer and distributor in the United States. They are one of the leading retailers in the region and have a big headquarters office in Seal Beach, California.

A passionate fashion lover named Courtney Dubar and a few of his partners officially established the company in 2005. 

Affliction has transformed through multiple changes and is now officially known as Affliction Holdings LLC. The fashion apparel company supplies a wide range of products such as T-shirts, hoodies, swimwear, headwear, watches, and many more trendy accessories.

Clothing is a vital necessity in modern times, and how you look matters greatly in society. Therefore, many people rely on chic clothing retailers which can give them aesthetic and beautiful clothing attire.

As they say, dress up to impress: Affliction clothing guarantees its customers numerous options to complement their outfits, and stand out from the crowd. Imagine having all eyes on you, as there is truly nothing better than that in life.

Regardless of the abundance of clothing options, many customers have pointed out that Affliction’s clothing products are really expensive, and question their worth.

To answer all your queries about this famous brand, this article can help guide you on whether you truly want to purchase their products in real life!

Why is Affliction Clothing so expensive?

Affliction clothing items are associated with counter-cultural symbolisms, and the majority of their products are very rare to find in a retail store. It is quite difficult to find brands that provide trendy styles and designs for specific metal, goth, and edgy fashion.

 It’s a style of clothing that is very much in demand by rock and metal music lovers, and people who enjoy an emo grunge aesthetic over the traditional normal clothing wears. Therefore, the scarcity of edgy fashion retailers makes Affliction clothing a rare option in the limelight. 

Affliction clothing is expensive because it curbs a demand that is fueled by many customers but supplied by very few fashion brands.

It is also has relatively high-quality clothing which is derived from durable and strong raw materials that guarantee the clothing to last a long time. 

Their clothing items are also less prone to rip or appear dull. Many of their costly items are clearly justified, and many customers pay to wear their clothes.

What does the Affliction brand stand for?

Affliction, which means “pain and suffering as a result of adversity,” was chosen as a play on words from company experience in the fashion world, which is notoriously demanding and competitive. 

The brand stands for freedom and inclusion of rebellious people in society. They create edgy graphic t-shirts and clothing to represent customers who are tough, wild, and not afraid to be different.

In a world that is bound by conditions, and rules: only the survivors of pain and suffering stand out. Therefore, the affliction brand symbolizes strength and the undying spirit of people to live through the troubles in life.

Affliction clothing speaks out to many customers in society due to their strong core beliefs regarding the meaning of life and struggle. Also, men who primarily associate themselves with power and strength love this brand and loyal customers!

What style of clothing is Affliction?

Affliction clothing is often mirrored with edgy fashion apparel that depicts grunge or emo aesthetic and is mostly available in dark colors and pictures of dark order symbolisms or metal/rock bands.

Many experts describe Affliction’s fashion sense as “skull and crossbones inspired.” Their clothing is usually designed in graphic images, and t-shirts have digital images or prints on them of skeletons and chains.

Also, many of Affliction’s tees include the logos of the world’s greatest MMA fighters, including Georges St. Pierre, Randy Couture, and Quinton Jackson. Their clothing collection varies from T-shirts, polo shirts, thermals, and hoodies are the apparel options available from Affliction. 

How did Affliction clothing get started?

Before Affliction clothing began, Courtney Dubar had created and printed apparel for his brother Pat’s band Uniform Choice, using a screen printer he had purchased himself in a shed in his parents’ back garden. 

Dubar, Todd Beard, Nicole Behrle, Eric Foss, and Clifton Chason together founded Affliction Clothing in August 2005. Courtney Dubar, also the current CEO purchased Todd Beard’s shares of the firm in 2012, making him the main stakeholder of Affliction Clothing.

Do Affliction shirts run small?

No, many customers comment that their sizes are usually inclusive and consist of many ranges. A lot of their shirts are oversized and flowy, therefore they are the opposite of small for customers.

Now that you have all the information, do check out Affliction’s website from the link below if their clothes are your type!


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