Every person reading this might have had at least one vintage dress in their wardrobe. Vintage clothing doesn’t necessarily have to be designer or anything luxurious. 

This kind of clothing could be handed down from your grandmother or grandfather or even your parents. People hold on to such clothes due to sentimental reasons and also because some designs are way too pretty and aesthetic to give up that easily. 

Vintage clothing has always been a solid constant in the fashion industry and for that reason it is expensive. You would think that second-hand clothing would cost you less but the case is quite the opposite. 

Vintage clothing has much better quality than regular or contemporary clothing since they are made from natural fabrics. These clothes have good tailoring and a fine style that you don’t normally see in current fashion unless you find mediocre imitations. 

Another reason why vintage clothing is also equivalent to the ultimate luxury is that you cannot find any dress like a vintage dress. It is irreplaceable and its value of it is derived from this major factor. 

Kim Kardashian wore a Marilyn Monroe dress at the MET Gala and it was a classic vintage dress. This gold bodycon dress became a sensation when Monroe wore it and now again with Kim. 

Kim Kardashian actually had to fit into this dress because again you can’t just alter a vintage classic for anyone for that matter. So to emphasize the irreplaceable factor, the point is pretty clear as you can see. 

Believe it or not but this quality of modern clothing as compared to Vintage is still believed to be less superior. If you look up close and notice that the patterns, floral print, lace, buttons, and anything that is on a vintage dress are rare and not very common in contemporary times.

The quality is far better and the way the dress is stitched shows the dedication and commitment of craftsmanship from the time. With modern fashion, keeping up with the trends kind of takes over the craft part at times.

You can find amazing work and quality in dresses that are designer but the fine stitching and the proper near hem situation is still looked over by many brands. Nowadays brands are more inclined toward setting trends. 

Some details are kind of overlooked and honestly, there is an almost zero percent chance that anyone would even complain. You might see some brands tampering with vintage designs like having to use a fabric that resembles a lot of the stitch and patterns that were made by hand. 

So a printed fabric of that sort can be found at high-end brands but not many focus on starting from scratch and creating a pattern. 

Why Is Vintage Clothing So Expensive?

For instance, vintage clothing becomes high in demand since there is nothing like it, and celebrities wearing them and flaunting them on the red carpet sure help with raising the prices. 

People are always intrigued by the clothes worn by their ancestors and some famous personalities. Some of these clothes are even auctioned for millions of dollars and this happens mainly for having a rich history associated with the dress. 

With vintage clothing being rare, exclusivity is surely a factor that sets the high bar and results in this kind of clothing being way too expensive. 

Why Is Vintage Fashion Popular?

When Gucci launches a new collection you know it is going to be trendy for the current time in fashion but vintage clothing is always timeless.

You just can’t put a price on something that has been iconic for ages and still makes people feel beautiful and classy. People save up such clothes for special occasions because it is not just the quality but the passion and sentiment that is attached to the vintage clothing.

You can always find some inspirations and adaptations of such vintage clothes in the modern trends. This is a clear indication that vintage clothing never goes out of style and it has its own genre that inspires many to this date. 

Is Buying Vintage Clothing Worth It?

You won’t know it unless you know what you are looking for and once you buy it. Vintage clothing is very durable and the fact it has lasted ages, it would do amazing for many years to come. 

The durability of cloth and longevity it was way more important back in the day as compared to modern times. You can definitely get good quality now but since in the old time’s people were into keeping on using a dress multiple times, it lasted way better than anything. 

Now with such rushed trends, it is hard to keep up with quality for some brands and it clearly shows. 

You can always buy good quality clothes these days but if you are big on vintage, it can be totally worth your money. 

Vintage clothing is a separate genre and it has a huge fan base. It is a 36 billion dollar industry at the moment and according to fashion experts it would only grow with time. 

There is no hard and fast rule that you have to invent vintage clothing to look good or classy for that matter. It is all about what vintage clothing and fashion inspiration mean to you in general. 

You can always go for simpler options and keep on with the usual shopping spree. But if you ever feel like investing your money in something valuable and worth adding to your wardrobe, vintage clothing is the way to go. 

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