You go shopping and find two similar shirts but at drastically different price points. One of these shirts is actually your casual Target type, the affordable one and one is super expensive, surprise it is a designer shirt that’s why.

Designer clothing in recent times is a big part of our daily lives. One of the main reasons why these brands are so popular is because of the power of social media.

When surfing the internet you would come across so many brands at a time that it really makes you want to get it. High-end luxury brands like Gucci and Prada know this is very tricky and hence people are a fan. 

Designer clothes are a category of clothing that is made by high-end luxury brands. These types of clothing are mostly made with high-end and premium quality materials that are also expensive and available in limited quantities. 

A great example of this kind of clothing would be the premium luxury brands called Versace, Prada, and Gucci. This specific category tends to thrive in the fashion industry and it happens every single year with every new collection.

According to research, the Luxury Brand industry costs about 300 billion dollars which are insanely expensive. There are most certainly many reasons why this industry is so expensive and it is a lot detailed if you think about it. 

Why Designer Clothing Is So Expensive?

You see fast fashion brands always using synthetic fabrics and materials in the making of the clothes which really makes a lot of difference when it comes to the quality. Premium luxury brands like Hermes and Louis Vuitton without mixing any other materials use genuine leather to make their variety of bags. 

From the manufacturing process to the final finish look, these bags are far superior to what you see at these fast fashion brands. The same case is with the clothing line by the designer labels.

Most of the time designer clothing has organic and authentic fabrics. Natural fibers are used like cotton, silk, wool, and also linen to ensure that people who wear these clothes feel comfortable. 

Other than using authentic fibers and natural sources for the fabric you would also see the use of different and original materials in the clothing. Designer clothing also includes materials like gold, diamond, and other materials that are extremely expensive and only add to the list of features for designer clothing. 

Since the clothes are not mass-produced, the cost of labor for these clothes is also high on the scale. Most of the labor for these kinds of clothes is sourced from America and Europe. Compared to Asian countries, these continents have a high rate of labor pay. 

There are numerous factories that are operating on these continents and they are known to manufacture better quality clothing than anywhere else. The number of sewers, designers, and people that help with material sourcing in the first place is not easy and low paying for jobs at all. 

With these people working on designer brands, it is expected that the pay rate would be higher and they would be compensated accordingly. 

What makes designer clothing more expensive is the idea of exclusivity. Many luxury wear brands thrive on this idea and it definitely turns out well for them. The idea of one-of-a-kind clothing is appealing and draws in more customers than you would actually think. 

You can obviously shop for clothes that you like from anywhere but getting them from somewhere where you feel only you and a few people could get them, is a rich feeling for the rich. 

Another way to make sure that designer clothes remain exclusive is the production size of these clothing. You won’t ever see these kinds of clothes being produced in a mass number or in abundance and that creates a limited edition collection. 

Every person who loves to wear designer clothing would be very much interested in getting such clothes, since they are one of a kind and not available to everyone and anytime. Scarcity of time and collection really does a number for a lot of these designer labels. 

This way such clothes become more like a collector’s item and once you know you like them you just have to get them. It marks up the value and makes it a privilege to get by the rich only. 

Another factor that brings out exclusivity is the use of different kinds of materials that also helps with the goal. For example, if there is a rare piece of jewelry being used in these clothes then definitely you can expect the prices to up to millions of dollars just like that. 

Another reason why designer clothing is out of everyone’s price range is that it is not meant for everyone. It may sound classist but the fact is that this kind of clothing is designed for the upper class only and the ones that can splurge without thinking twice. 

Since the designer brands know what kind of people they want to have shopping in their showrooms, they target only the upper class demographic and raise the prices accordingly.

And fun fact if you think you can just get up and go shopping for these high-end designer clothes then you might want to look up such brand’s policies. 

First, you just can’t go in like that and pick out an extremely expensive dress. Second, you actually have to book an appointment if you really want to buy something. It feels more like a meeting arranged with the brand’s spokesperson and it is literally what it is. 

You get a good shopping experience that includes serving drinks or having some high tea snacks which are actually quite pleasant if you think about it. You just can’t experience this at Zara or Target. 

Why Are Designer Clothes Worth It?

If you can’t afford designer clothing that is one thing and the other is that designer clothing is totally worth it. People can have a solid excuse that they can’t afford it and that’s okay but at the same time you cannot deny the amount of confidence you get once you know you can afford designer clothing. 

When you put on that dress that is expensive and luxurious, you know you are going to feel good. We are talking about the kind of clothing that people go for on their wedding days because they want to feel the best and make it a memorable one. 

Designer clothing tends to be in shape for a long, long time like you can literally pass it on to your daughters or grandsons without any scratch or damage happening to them. Taking care is important but the longevity of these clothes is no joke. 

The designer brands make sure that they manufacture the clothes from some of the best fabrics in the world. So you don’t have to worry about these clothes wearing out that soon at all. 

The best part of owning a designer brand wardrobe is that with time they become the classics and they just look more valuable than they already are. If it is a signature Gucci sweater that you bought last winter it would probably never go out of style.

Designers are always on the go with following current trends but if you are shopping from a brand that is setting trends then nothing would ever top that. For example, if loud colors are a thing and if Prada is using them it would become a trend worldwide and be followed by everyone. 

If you are spending money on something that would literally look horrible after one wash then there is your money going down the drain. Designer clothing promises quality and durability with every single purchase that you make. 

What Is The Most Expensive Designer Clothing Brand?

There has got to be a list of the most expensive designer clothing brands out there and the majority of them are everyone’s favorite. Louis Vuitton stands on top of all the luxury brands out there for many reasons. 

It is the most popular and best-selling luxury brand that you can find while shopping for designer clothing. The net worth of this brand is 15 billion dollars and with celebrities endorsing it and every new collection slaying on the runway, it makes total sense why it is the most popular clothing brand. 

If you are big on Designer Clothing then it would be no issue for you to check out the latest trends and get a few items. But if you don’t want to shop due to practical budget constraints, it is not the end of the world.

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